Depo Dynamics, a nationwide firm, is looking for a an overflow court reporter to cover a deposition in Aventura, FL on 6-18-08 and 7-2-08. Please reply ASAP by email to

We are currently expanding our nationwide database and are always looking for reporters in every city to network with us when the need arises. We invite you to send us your contact information.

Michelle Shelton, CSR
Depo Dynamics
One Call...Anywhere...Anytime
888.494.3370 toll free
281.367.3370 local
281.367.3379 fax

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Hi, Michelle,

I know an excellent Reporter in -- I think she lives in Largo. Her name is Julie and I proofread for her. She's got 20 (or nearly 20) years of experience and she is a freelance reporter. She's not hooked up with CSRnation yet, but I am and I know her, and I know her work is good because I work with/for her quite a bit.

Please email me privately for her contact information. I wouldn't want to put her info out there for security purposes.


I am a Certified Realtime Reporter in Naples, Florida. I just recently found this site. I know I missed the jobs you needed coverage for, but I love to travel (especially for the right job) and my husband is a videographer. Please give me a call or e-mail if you need help in the future. Lori Bundy, CCR, RPR, CRR, CLR (239) 825-2086.


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