I was a reporter for a few years five years ago, and I just totally lost it. I was over worked and it reporting left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I am ready to give it another go. Does anyone have any suggestions?
What do you guys think about Simply Steno? I looked at their sample schedule for a week: Please let me know what you think. (BTW been out of the field for a while) do you guys think this is worth geting back into the field for $610 to start and that covers the first 3 months. After that it's $360 every three months. I already finished a program where I proved that I can write accuratley at 225. I guess it is one of those cases where if you don't use it you will lose it. Well I have totally lost it. I tried to get back in the swing of things, and I can't get focused that is why I am starting SS. Has anyone on here been through or going through the program?

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My bad. I thought ultimately officials were state employees. Having never been an official, maybe I should take my own advice and not preach about something that I don't know about. :)
Simply Steno is not a school. What I am trying to do is retrain!!!!! Plenty of people retrain is it that easy to just quit your job and sit in with somebody to gain your speed back

I am not returning to this site anymore!
Gosh, why'd you guys run her off?
Well, since there's an audience here, let me ask you guys your opinion 'bout some punctuation.

When was the last time you awakened screaming?
How many times would you say you've awakened gasping for air?

Would you put a comma before screaming and gasping? There's many instances of these types of sentences/questions and I don't want to look foolish.
Key words "so far," Trina. :)

Sorry for butting in after not participating in the original discussion, but I wouldn't put a comma after "awakening" in either instance. Each of the following words describes how one is awakening, which is essential to the meaning of the speaker, IMHO. Anyway, just my two cents' worth.


Yeah, I was a little conflicted on it b/c sometimes when she asked a question in that manner, there was almost like a little pause, so sometimes I wrote a comma, sometimes not. Then while I'm editing the transcript, I'm thinking, well, I could put an "and" in there and it'd make sense, so should there be a comma? Just me being nitpicky I guess.

Thanks for your two cents. It's greatly appreciated.

Ebony, I'm excited for you, getting back into reporting!! It's a good career. There's lots of freedom and the potential for good money. Like the others have mentioned, it's a bit slow right now. When I got out of school in '93 in Columbus, Ohio, the market was flooded with reporters. I couldn't find a job to save my life. A year and a half after college, a friend from court reporting school called, their firm was hiring, and 16 years later I'm a workin' fool. But I'm in Los Angeles now.

Point being, I was terrified after not having written for so long. I was more terrified taking my first job than I've ever been in my entire life. Thank God for the recorder we were FORCED us to use as a backup. They knew they were sending us on stuff we shouldn't be taking, so they required us to use a recorder.

But my first few years were hell, really. Lots of stress. It's much more manageable now. And, quite honestly, starting out when things are slower might be better so you don't get so stressed out. That is, as long as you can make enough money to support your family. If you don't, you can always waitress on the side. ;)

I can't speak to the Simply Steno program. Sorry. I'll bet if you just practice to the TV and study your old books you'll be fine. It's like riding a bike; you'll get the hang of it again lickety split.

If you need any help or more encouragement than you're finding here, feel free to call or email me. I've also got a friend in Columbus you could sit in with anytime.

Marla Williams
Ebony, If you were in front of me I would give you a hug, I know how it is to be stuck in a crappy job.
The comments you have received are raw and sadly is our current reality, work is very slow and we all are very worried.

Cant it get worse?? Have we seen the bottom? I think so.
I believe next April is going to pick, start practicing and do whatever you have to do to get back into reporting.
as some pointed out, you can get a $25 drill that can help you get back on track, your investment of $25 plus what ever time you dedicate is minuscule compared to potential rewards.

And as you already said, you are stuck in a dead end job, right? you should immediatly get back into reporting.

You were 22 last time you tried it!! you are older and more mature, trust me.. its going to be different.
Ebony, I was away for 12 years and used the simplysteno program to come back. It really got me back on track. I was able to ask questions and always got a response. There are tests that you email in so you knew where you were progressing and what needed improvement. I felt it was well worth the investment. Go for it.


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