Hello everyone,

I'm learing theory right now and have a manual machine.  I was wondering if there is a way to adjust my machine to make the keys more accessible and not so hard to write a word.  For example, when I go to write the word "sent", I have a really hard time pressing the ent at the same time without touching some of the surrounding keys. Can the keys be adjusted to fix that type of problem? Hope this makes sense.



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You should on a manual machine be able to adjust the keys to make some more sensitive or less sensitive.  Since you're still in school, you should try to write without hitting other keys, though.  For instance, I have the Impression writer and I can't adjust any of the keys.  There is no way to do that.  I have to make sure I know which keys I need to hit and be deliberate and precise with each stroke.  That comes with time, though.

Which machine do you have?


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