Hi everyone!
Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to improve on JCs? I found some really good JC briefs today, so I'm hoping that those will help a little. I'm stuck at like 130-140 or so.


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i love JC (Jury Charges, right?) After school graded my paper, I would write down words that made me hesitate and either made briefs for them or just practiced them. I also taped my classes and did the same when I came to a word or phrase that gave me hesitation. I wrote these down in a separate binder and practiced them until they were easy to write. All you have to do is fill in the blanks around these phrases and words. Give this a try.
It is important to figure out where you're getting stuck so that you can figure a way to eliminate hesitation or getting thrown off by a word or phrase.

Once you figure out the problem, you can simplify it. Here's a few briefs that might help:

PREFD - preponderance of the evidence
LAEUJ - ladies and gentlemen
LURJ - ladies and gentlemen of the jury
STEFD - circumstantial evidence
KREFD - credible evidence
R-D - reasonable doubt
PWR-D - beyond a reasonable doubt


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