I realize that here in Southern California agencies are desperate to cover jobs.  But one agency, which was already at the bottom of my list for their low low rates, will remain at the bottom, because the other day I had an early morning cancellation and saw on CSRNation they needed a rptr immediately downtown.  In fact, there were several agencies that needed last-minute that day.  I called this one and got the job info and showed up.  What they did not mention was that it was with a Chinese interpreter.  So we were there from 10:30-3:00 and I came out with 60 pp!  

I always like all-day jobs, preferably realtime.  This experience reinforced for me that even if the agency is aware of my preferences, to ask the following questions before I accept the job, even if we're in a rush:  What's the caption, who's the client, and is there an interpreter.  A lot of times you can tell just by the caption or the client that it's a fender bender.  

Next time I will scan the CSRNation last-minute postings very carefully, because I passed up one that was an all-day RT job!

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I always ask these questions.  It's really your responsibility to vet the agency/job for what you're willing to accept for jobs.  Don't assume all agencies know what you'll take unless you tell them.

I like interpreter depos, especially when they have a realtime screen in front of them.  You get more money that way.  Of course, I get the interpreters on the patent cases, which is different than a slip and fall.

I'm a proofreader, not a reporter, but I've definitely had a few of these learning experiences myself! Luckily, I've come out of each one with new ideas about how to improve in the future, just like you did. Always a bright side. :)


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