When does this show start back up?  It has to be soon, right??  I can't find it.

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I agree with you all -- Candace and Kree to the final show.  After that last performance by Candace, I think the tides will turn for her. 

Candace and Kree. I agree.  Sort of sad that all the judges voted last week and none of them picked Candace.  I so don't agree and I didn't then.  Maybe their minds have been changed.  Let's hope so!

Yeah, that really shocked the heck out of me.  I think Mariah picked Candace, but she was the only one.  I know there are four great girls and one other good one, but that was messed up.

I finally sat down this week and caught up on all the shows I had recorded.  Candice is amazing.  Love Kree.  All the girls left are very talented, though.  Kelli, I agree about Angie and her teeth.  LOL  She actually reminds me of a pageant girl.

After Candice's last performance, those other girls are going to have to step it up!

Also LOVE The Voice, and I, too, am enjoying Shakira and Usher being on there.  Their personalities add some new flavor to the recipe, and I like it!

I didn't see the part where the judges voted.  The judges seemed to be crazy about Amber since the beginning.  She is good on some songs, but the Beyonce song she did was like karaoke.   I think Janelle will probably go next.

I agree that I don't think Janelle is of the same caliber as the rest of the girls; she's probably going next if not Lazaro.

Lazaro actually went home this past week.  Amber and Lazaro were bottom two.

Oh, I missed it.  Good to know.  That should have happened a few weeks ago. 


I hope either Kree or Candace win.  Love them both. 

I think Janelle should go next too, but, given the voting patterns, I'm afraid it's going to be Amber, which is a shame.  I'm with Jimmy Lovine -- I don't get why she is always at the bottom.

I hope Candice wins next week.  I think she's got more talent than most singers I've heard.

This was another amazing performance:




I think Candace should win too.  She's definitely the best out of everyone.  Kree does have a very unique voice, though.  I'm just glad Angie didn't win.  I never thought she was that great.

Angie has been a lot better the past few weeks, but I don't really like watching her perform.  My husband walked through while I was watching one night while she was on, and he commented that she's weird-looking.  To me, she looks like she is the beauty pageant type, with her giant eyes and giant teeth.  I mean, veneers can be nice, but some of the just scream horse teeth.  There is a guy on Bold & Beautiful with the veneers, and I can't stand watching when he's on because their size bugs me so much.  Totally distracts from his attractiveness.  He's gorgeous as long as he keeps his mouth shut.  I should be ashamed of myself.  I'm a cow, and I'm talking about other people's teeth.  LOL

Anyway, my opinion, Candice should win, hands down.  She is phenomenal.  But they really shouldn't put a plus-size woman in black-and-white geometric stretch pants.  That was not a good look for her.


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