When does this show start back up?  It has to be soon, right??  I can't find it.

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Okay.  Who won American Idol?  It comes on too late for me to watch the whole thing.  I'm thinking it's Candace. 

Yes, Candace.  I think she's one of the best winners they've had in a long time.

Then you would be right, Kelli! I'm so happy that they got it right.

Wooohoooo!!!  I am so glad for her.  She definitely, hands down, was the most talented.  I went back and watched her sing "I Who Have Nothing" at least four more times yesterday.  That song helped her win the competition, just like it did to that other girl that won.  Forgot her name.  You guys know who I'm talking about, the last girl that won. 


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