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Check out www.enounce.com This company runs out of Silicon Valley, CA... and has software that slides the speed on U-Tube, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player... etc. For all your audio files that speakers talk too fast, you can now slow them down.

For students, you can have an endless infinity of practice material at your speed, if you just buy the software for $40.00 and use it on U-Tube stuff... or on any digital audio recordings of classroom dictation, or on audio books... and you can practice the same material over and over again at all different speeds.



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Hi, Carilyn. I wonder if Enounce takes the gaps out of a piece of recorded material so that a one-hour piece with pauses between speakers or sentences would actually be done in, what, 45 minutes? It might be useful for a transcriber. Do you think?

Hello Mary,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but Enounce is definitely great! for transcription work... speed up the stuff on preview and review, slow it down when people talk too fast... etc. And you can speed through gaps by changing the setting halfway through.

Are you referring to when there's a long pause between sentences (say 10-15 seconds)? The Enounce software doesn't delete that space, it just allows you to "fast forward" through it. I do it all the time when I transcribe. Carilyn and I got it about the same time for our transcription work and it's a dream. I swear something I was typing up was sounding really fast so I slowed it down to 80% speed and it was still showing in my software that they were going over 210. I'd still be finishing the transcript without the software. It allows you to set the audio at a comfortable speed and go, without having to use a foot pedal to stop, start, and rewind all the time. It's easier with a foot pedal but still time consuming. The great thing is, the speakers don't sound garbled or chipmunk-ish when you play with the speed. They have a free trial... There are actually two softwares, one for YouTube videos and one for audio only. The audio only is the 2xAV Plug-in for RealPlayer. The other one for the YouTube videos is called MySpeed. Hope this helps!


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