I just made the switch to the Lightspeed writer. I looked through the groups here to see if there was a Lightspeed users group and didn't find one, so I just started one up. I hope that you'll join me if you are a current LS user or would like to learn more about it.

Check it out in the Group listings.



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I called a month ago and it will be $300 less at the convention.
Jody, did they say they definitely would have the new LSs with the newer key overlay there? I am hoping so, because I am assuming that's the first time we'll be able to buy one! *SO EXCITED*
I *think* they'll have some demos there, but if you order one, you get it shipped from the company. It will be my first time seeing it too, except for the prototype we had at Midyear. The keyboard feels really good -- just a little bit squishy, but still firm. Come by and say hi to me at the vendor booth!
I've been using the LightSpeed for about a year and-a-half and I love it .....
It took some getting used to but would not go back to a regular machine.
I love how I write with the LS.

Sharon Anderson
My upper body is loving the LS, too. I've been to chiropractors & physical therapy, massage therapy for all of the wear & tear from years of reporting. At the end of a long day after using the LS, my upper body muscles are not strained like they used to be. What a relief!
I'll be leaving for the convention next Wednesday. I'll keep you updated on whatever I hear.
Two weeks ago, there were only about eight refurbs left.

I will definitely take pix the first day and get them out to you guys!!

Janet, I look forward to seeing you at the Stenovtions booth!

Heard the new "Lightspeed" is coming out during the Christmas holidays and will be called "StarLight." Can't wait to see it. Looking into trading my Lightspeed for that one.
Hi everyone. I'm glad we now have a users group over here. I have been on LS since they were introduced and I absolutely love it. I have no back pain, no shoulder pain/pinching, no wrist pain. Janet, tell your people you need one for your health. To eliminate pain. It's a lot easier for your posture. And you are not exhausted after writing all day. I can come home and be sociable with my family. I have a red one and everyone says it looks like an Echisketch (sp). WhenEVER those new ones ever come out, I will get a different color. I have had some minor stacking issues with the comma and my Q/A symbols. Any suggestions on getting that issue resolved?


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