I have never had a business license in over 30 years of practice.  Now a certain city in Northern Ca is wanting to make me have a license.  It irritates me because it's nothing more than a money grab and there is no value added to me.   

Anybody else have a city license?

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yes, for 26 years in socal

How much a year for this rip-off?

it's 150 dollars a year, but I still rebel at the thought.

$150 would have me rebelling, too.   So it's not enough to pay the yearly fee for your CSR license and notary but now this?  Pathetic!   Good luck trying to get around this, yes, money grab.

Three:  Wilmington, DE; Philadelphia, PA; and New York, NY.

(ETA:  Can't pay them taxes without a license.  Daren't not pay them taxes.)


I would think the companies you work for are the ones doing business in the city. If you have your own business, you probably would need to have a business license.

The city of Los Angeles told me that I had to get a city of L.A. business license before they'd pay my copy invoice.  I told them not a friggin chance in the world.  Gimme a break, the depo wasn't taken IN L.A. and I don't live in L.A.  Pathetic money grabl.  They paid the invoice and they went COD after that.

If you live in or work in the city of LA, you have to have a business license.  Basically it's just a city tax.  And if you don't pay, they WILL come after you.  They get their info from your CA state taxes, I believe.  I had to pay over $600 this year.

Must be a San Diego thing too.  I just remember 26 years ago when I became a reporter, I was told you need a business license and E&O insurance to work with any firm.  And some of the firms I would work for would ask for copies of both, along with an up to date CSR license, to keep in their files, so I've always kept both up all this time.

Hi, Deborah,

Were you charged $600 for one year or was that for a few years back?



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