anybody do any work for dawn vaughn?  i did work for her in may/june and haven't been paid yet.

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Hopefully there is just a misunderstanding.  I hate hearing a reporter has taken advantage of a scopist.   Dawn is not a member of this website, so I know you didn't get connected here.  That makes me feel a little better. 

nope, no understanding.  i'm learning she did the same to lots of people as far back as 2009.  the agency has informed me their corporate lawyers are "handling the matter."


beware before taking any work from her.

I am confused.  Is she a reporter using a scopist?  Is she a reporter using another reporter?  Your post is not clear.

she takes on work as an individual scopist but then subs the jobs out.  receives payment from the reporter but does not pay the actual scopist who performed the work.  she also does transcription work the same way, subbing it out and then not paying the transcriptionist.  this all came to light AFTER i did four jobs for her.  


i rec'd the job offer on "get court reporters." she also posted jobs on WAHM.  she changes her email address and company name.  she has worked under transcript or transcription 5000 and most recently transcripts etc for transcribing.


she claims she is no longer working but just wanted to post a heads up in case she moves over here.

Wow.  Sorry to hear this.  Thanks for letting us know.
Maybe you can file against her in small claims court.

it looks like that is the direction it is going to have to head.  i've given her every opportunity to make this right.


I know there are people on this site that have had to file against CR agencies that didn't pay them so maybe those reporters could give you some tips.  I've also seen people post about filing a class action claim when there is a group of people that have not been paid.  Hopefully someone can give you some direction in this area.  Good luck to you.  I'm sorry this happened to you.

thanks, janiece, i appreciate that.


that's where i accepted the job from. 


i actually did post on "get court reporters" to beware of working with her on august 23.  dawn jumped in and responded until somebody else stated the same things i was saying.  i also provided a link to WAHM (work @ home moms) where she did the same thing there.  she moves around from board to board, so i just want everyone to beware.  i haven't seen her here (yet) although there was a post on "courtreporterssite" that she was banned from CSRNation.

I also gave her an F rating on her job post for nonpayment.



actually, looking back @ it, she didn't respond to my post on "get court reporters."  she responded to my post on "steno machines" on august 23.  scroll down to august 23.  here's the link. 


i explained my terms and how i invoice in one of our first email exchanges.  she never disputed it nor did she say "she'll pay when she gets paid." 


there are posts on other websites going back as far as 2009, so i don't believe her.  i don't think she ever pays.  i have talked to some of the people she owes money to and it seems she "preys" on new scopists and new transcribers that are chalking it up "as a learning experience." 


dawn is now claiming she is not working due to a medical condition.  however, a CSR in AZ contacted her about picking up some transcription work and she responded that she had 100 minutes available and that it needed to be done immediately.  that CSR saw my posts and didn't accept work from her.  she was very thankful for my posts warning others and actually has sent some work my way :) 


dawn needs to stop!  i don't want her taking advantage of anyone else!  we work way too hard and it is not fair!


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