Just curious what people's thoughts are.  I'm still working but it seems the quality of work is definitely changing.  I'm used to multiple copies, realtime, roughs, expedites.  Now it's just a regular job.  I'm not used to getting those very often.   A "regular job" means no video, no RT or roughs.  Just a plain old vanilla copy of the transcript. 

I've noticed this last week and starting this week.  Hmmmmm.....

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I had a slower September, okay October.  But last week and this week have been pretty dead.  But I moved last week so I don't mind it right now.

Work in Ohio has taken a big hit, but it's been going on for a long time....the all-day, good jobs are few and far between.  Everything is pretty much a third-party job from the national firms, and even then you aren't guaranteed an all-day job with multiple copies and roughs.  We did some plaintiff depo work for a local lawyer who worked for one of the bigger insurance companies in the area and he told me one day (this was a little over a year ago), with the economy the way it is, everyone was willing to settle because it meant they had money to make their mortgage payment and buy groceries for a few months...I always thought you were in the better part of the country for the "good" work...just wondering whether this dry spell has finally made its way to your area??

I'm just going to hope it's because it's towards the hollidays and that's all it is.  You never know, though.  I did feel it in 2008, though, where everyone was slow for a while.  The last couple of years have been pretty decent.  I only work three days a week, though, and don't expect five days like some reporters.


Last year I got really busy in November and December.  I hope this year will be like that and it's just a couple week lull right now.

A lot of my clients had trials in October, so it slowed down a bit.  I'm in Boston.

Boston you'd think would be hoppin!!  Maybe it's the same here.  I know Janet is always busy.  Maybe she'll chime in and tell us if she's getting slow or not.

September was a little bit slower, but October was really busy.  November is good so far.  

There was a time when I never had a week without AT LEAST one deposition.  Last couple months I have had several weeks with nothing.  Scary.  One of my best clients said, yes, they are settling more cases.  I am in eastern Washington state.

I wish I just had more plain old transcripts!  I'm having a hard time finding any work, period!  Is it really that slow in LA right now?

As far as down here in LA area, it has been slow for me too as far as high-quality work. That's just the past two weeks, though. I did receive two offers for next week, where one is vanilla and one is in between vanilla and high-quality. (Need to think of a good word for that.) I did accept them because I've been without and am a worrywart.

Today I had a whopping 13 pages.  I jinxed myself. 

Oh no, Janet! That happens to me sometimes too.

But I try to look at it as a benefit: hey, at least it'll help me taxwise! :P


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