Does anyone have this device?  It looks like it could really help pain and fatigue, but I'm wondering if it would slow down finger speed?  It's a bit pricey, too.

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My girlfriend uses it and she says if she did not use this device, she would not be doing this job.


I use something similar and have for about 10 years now.  I know I would not be doing this job without it.  I  just put a lumbar pillow on my lap and rest my wrists on it.  Makes a huge difference in the pain and fatigue.  I cannot even begin to tell you. 


I've tried a few different things in my lap and it seems to slow down my speed.

How thick/high is the lumbar pillow you use?  Where did you buy it?  Is it firm like a tempurpedic or soft?



Okay.  I just took a picture of it.  Just a regular lumbar pillow.  I have used it forever and it does not slow me down one bit.  At first it did, maybe because I was getting used to it.  Once you have it down, it's not problem.
Thanks!  It looks nice and little.........where did you buy it?
It was in the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, in one of those shops with the candles and bathrobes and lotion type stores.  I can't remember the name of it.  I bet Bed, Bath & Beyond would have something like this, or Target.

Last year I had several episodes where I got a huge marble-sized bump on my right wrist.  I realized it was from using a mouse.  I now use a paperback  Webster's Dictionary and lay my wrist over it to use a mouse.  It's an incredible difference.


I keep my steno machine at lap level.  The only thing(s) moving is/are my pinkies.  My wrists don't get any strain.

I have used the ReportIt for two years. It is a fabulous product! I can't imagine even doing the shortest depo without it. I don't use the foot pieces that come with it. Well worth the expense!
If I ever lose my little pillow, I am buying the ReportIt for sure.

So do you guys think the ReportIt is better than any pillow or other type of similar report device?

Tried a pillow today.  It did help my problem right hand/arm, but made my left one bother me a bit more, which the left never bothers me.


Have you guys with the ReportIt tried anything else besides the ReportIt? 


I don't think I could use this.  I feel like my arms need to be free.  Even long sleeves used to bother me a lot.  I hate having a chair with arms, too.
It's definitely something to get used to.  However, if you have neck and shoulder pain, it is a huge help because it takes the pressure off that area when you are not having to hold your arms up all day.


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