Does anyone have this device?  It looks like it could really help pain and fatigue, but I'm wondering if it would slow down finger speed?  It's a bit pricey, too.

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I have used the ReportIt since 2003.  I, too, would not be able to keep working without it.
Wow, it's amazing to find out how many of us had aches and pains and need these gadgets to keep us working!  I do believe, though, that if I worked out my upper body with weights the way I need to, it would make a huge difference.

I completely agree with that too,  Kerry.  I'm getting my deep-tissue massage tonight after work.  That is something else I totally believe in.  I'm just happy to still have the opportunity to be working.  

The ReportIt allows you to drop all the weight of your shoulders into the armrests, and although I think it is ridiculously priced, I think it is worth every penny.


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