Oh, Boy!!!

Those following my comments, old reporter, no computer, bla, bla.

I will be using a Stenoram II (which is good because it's durable).
Looks like I have sold the Open StenoCat software I bought off e-bay (which is good because I don't have a computer to use it on and it's going to cost about $500 MORE to get a laptop, get it installed, and get a printer - and that is if it works (no guarantee).

Which is a better choice? Doing the subscription for Stenocat 32 ($650 a year), or using the Aristocat? And I am also thinking about DigitalCat (which is free for three months), then $80.00 a month.

Looks like Aristocat is completely compatable with Stenoram II. Who likes using Aristocat?

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Mary Jo,

I have been on AristoCAT for about ten years. I love it. There is no phasing away to upgrade to a different system like other software companies do. It is easy to use. You can download your upgrades from their website, and it is just great. Tech support is excellent - five stars for me. I don't know what more to add.

You might want to call them at 1-541-389-8145 to see if there are any specials about to come out with the National Convention approaching us. The software can be sold preloaded in a laptop, so you don't have to futz around installing it.

If you have any additional questions, my e-mail is pmclaughlinrpr@gmail.com.

Good luck and keep me informed!



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