I was wondering when this was going to happen.... attorney's paralegal forgot to schedule videographer.  Attorney decides to use his iPhone.  This is doctor depo.  Doc charges $750 an hour to testify.  Attorney sets it up leaning against a stapler in front of witness.   He says if he needs it at trial, he will use it.  I was like, oh, boy, here we go..... watch out videographers.  Hope this does not become a trend!

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Yes, let's hope for a complete failure here.  VAOFRz offer many services and I'd think that this setup will, if anything, keep real VAOFRs going strong.

Well, there will be no syncing with the transcript that way and the audio quality is probably not that good.   I'm not even sure it would be admissible in court; certified videographers are usually used.  What do I know, though. 

Actually the audio quality of an iPhone is pretty good.  I use mine for back up sometimes.

Ladies, this all the more reason to buy that cheap Gateway netbook from Walmart for $180.00.  And when an attorneys pulls that iphone out, you say, "I have a netbook that has video and audio.  It's perfect."  Then set it up before anyone has a chance to say no. 

To get a running video on that cheap netbook, you just click to open it, then click to run it.  Yeah, it's cheap and slow for Internet, but it sure packs in a lot for the price.  The battery lasts I think five hours too.

great idea mary jo

I would hesitate before getting geared up to take food out of the mouths of videographers.  I think I'd encourage waiting for a videog--if no go, then let him use whatever device he has available.  However, the day I start whipping out a laptop to also "videotape" is the day I make an extra hundred and fifty bucks an hour. ;-) 

Agreed, Amanda.  If you take on that responsibility, be prepared to have to monitor it, turn it off during off-the-record discussions, etc.    You're taking on some liability there.

You got that right.  Seems like NCRA says wearing both hats is a no-no, too.....

I also don't want to use up all the computer's resources to be videoing while I'm doing RT, slowing down MY job to make sure they get a video.  I'm never going to do anything to encourage them to videotape.  I hate video depos.  But I prefer to do them here in FL because they have a higher percentage of being ordered than nonvideo deps.

Oye, now I've heard it all.


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