I've been having a problem lately where attorneys dispute the charge for realtime about three months after the depo is taken.  It has happened to me three times now.

So frustrating; they're adamant they want the service and also use the service, my netbook, and then deny they got RT.  Anyone else come across this problem?

I guess I'm going to have to start having them sign for the fact they're receiving RT. 

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Yes, if that has happened that many times I would make them sign.

Unfortunately we are going to have to get orders signed for everything. Take a picture of the hookup next time! I find still a lot of attorneys think getting a faster transcript is realtime.

Unfortunately for me I don't provide interactive RT but if I did, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that before one word would appear on the screen in front of them, they would have signed my order form for a copy and RT and hopefully they'd be signing for rough draft too.   No signature and they get bupkes from me.  I get a signature for expedited, copies, and rough.                       I never don't get this.  I scan the signed forms and if need be can easily re-email it to the agency as proof of the order.  Must get signatures for everything.  


As much as I don't like dealing with order forms, it does prevent that from happening.  I think there is only one company that I'm working with now that doesn't require order forms. 

I always use order forms for copy orders and rough ASCIIs, not for RT.  Just seemed obvious they'd pay for the RT since they are using it.  I am going to have to change my ways with that one.

Would someone please attach a copy of their order form for me that includes RT on there?  Mine is only for copy and roughs, not RT.  If I hand write it in, they will say I did it after the fact.  Need to cover all bases it seems.

Marge, do you have one you can upload here?  Thanks, everyone.

Here you go, Kelli.  I'd never take a chance and would expect a balk later.  Idiots!   They've got to sign for a copy so we might as well cover our bases.


 Thank you so much, Marge. 

This doesn't say anything about realtime.  I know you don't do RT, forgot.  I need one that has a line for RT.  Anyone have one of those??

It's there.  It's the last option to be checked:

______ interactive realtime hook-up

You are so correct.  Thank you so much.

Any time, Kelli!

Hi, Kelli.  I use an order form for every job, and it includes a check box for realtime.  I also have taken pictures of the setup and emailed it to myself, especially on a job where I had I think it was over 10 RT terminals, several of them same-side hookups.  Same-side hookups pay!  Also, there would be nothing wrong with an audible check before the job starts.  

"Mr. Cooper, before I swear the witness, I want to make sure that you are receiving your realtime feed.  Are you receiving the realtime feed on your laptop, sir?"  

"Why yes, it's fine."  

"And Mr. Simmons, is your realtime feed coming through okay there on your computer?"  


 "Finally, Mr. Schroeder down at the end of the table, you're using one of my netbooks.  I want to make sure that you are receiving a good feed."

"Yes, it's great.  Thanks, Kelli."

"Great!  I'll now swear the witness."


Fabulous idea.  Actually I emailed my boss today and told her I'm going to take a picture of the attorney with my netbook in front of him, along with him/her next to the witness so they cannot say it wasn't the same depo.  I'm going to email that pic along with my transcript to the office.

My boss said perfect idea.  Then they will send the picture along with the invoice at the same time.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Never again!!  Today I had the attorney sign for the RT.  I manually drew the box but had him initial the box after checking it since I didn't have a form yet that shows RT. 


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