I'm looking for a good back support pillow to use in jobs that is easy to travel with or fit in my work case.  Any recommendations?

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Total Pillow Multi-Use Cushion $14.99 Walgreens

  • Filled with tension-easing microbeads
  • Use as a chair cushion, floor pillow, neck rest or lumbar support

ooooh...thiat looks wonderful. Thank you

I love mine, Stefanie.  And you can wrap it over a rolling case handle instead of packing it.  

I use a lumbar support pillow on every job I go on.  I bought it on Amazon.


Thanks Kelli.

Being 5-4 and some chairs having deep seats, I'm always in a reaching for my machine position while trying to maintain good posture and then between my shoulders is hurting from reaching or my entire back becomes tired from sitting forward without support which makes for a painful day.  Even sitting in "good" chairs is becoming less tolerable after 28 years of reporting!

I'm with you.  Been doing this for 28 years too.  I'm 5'5" and have the same problem.  The difference between a good day and a bad day is the chair you're stuck with.  The lumbar pillow is wonderful for that added bit of support.

What is nice about this pillow is it has a strap that goes around the top of the chair so it stays in place.  The other one that's posted I don't think has that feature.  When you're reaching for exhibits to mark, the pillow does not move out of place.  That's what I like about it. 

I swear by this cheapy back support:  They cost $10 max, and it's saved my back.  I keep one in the car and take one on jobs.  Don't be put off by the price.  It's really sturdy and gives you lots of support.  I've been using one in my car for about 6 months or so now, and it hasn't broken down at all. 


You can also get them at Walgreens/CVS (California drug stores), probably Walmart. 

This would be good for my car.   Thanks!


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