I have an all-in-one color printer that I used for scanning, but it's not very fast and can't take a lot of pages.  I want a good, fast scanner/printer, either color or black-and-white, prefer laser but a good inkjet could work if it's high quality.  And I'd love it to do auto duplexing.  All the reviews I read talk about the printer part of it but not the scanner.  Right now I print my roughs and finals on a small HP LaserJet 1020.  My main thing is a good scanner/printer.

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Deborah, ever since you asked me how many documents my HP Pro 8600 Plus could scan at once, I had been curious about that myself so this morning I had an exhibit that was 67 pages long and I put the entire document in and it scanned it in about 13 minutes.  I don't know if that's too long for you.  I'm sure there are probably other scanners out there that are faster, but I was surprised that I could scan 67 pages thru the auto feed because I've never scanned anywhere near that many pages before at once.

Good luck in your search for the ultimate scanner/printer and/or stand-alone scanner.

Thanks for the ideas!  I reread my last post and started looking in a different direction, and this is what I ended up with:


Lots of good luck!

I bought one Brother product, an all-in-one, one which had a telephone handle (very handy!).  Had high hopes for it. The rear-entry paper tray never ceased to jam, even with no paper in it.  It would stick, and the only way I could open the tray was to stick my finger in-between something way in the back and pull.  This would always, not just be inconvenient, but it would hurt my finger.  I called Brother Support about this, and they told me the situation would resolve itself with use.  Years later, it never did.

I tell you this not to deter you from a Brother product but to alert you that, if ANY part of this product does not work properly, return it.  Do not wait and hope for the problem to "resolve itself with time," because, most likely, it will not.

Having said that, best wishes on your choice!  Always exciting getting new equipment!


I have that one, Deborah.   The copying, printing, and scanning is good.  Duplex printing, however, is NOT.  It constantly jams to the point I won't even bother trying anymore.

Oh, NO, Janet.  Please don't say that.  I am so looking forward to reducing a 200-page rough to 100 pages to carry.  The reviews were so good on it!  When you duplex print a job, it jams?


Constantly.  I gave up trying to print two-sided minis.  I couldn't get through a whole mini without jams and having to start over since the pages would get messed up after the jam.


Every other function works great on it, just not that.

The SnapScan by Fujitsu cannot be beat for the price.  As for an overall printer, I have an HP LaserJet P1102w that I bought on sale for $99 that is remarkable.  I didn't intend to print transcripts on this printer, but as it turns out, it's fast and does a great job printing transcripts, so I use this printer for everything.   The printer's size is a little larger that the SnapScan. 

As far auto duplexing scanner/printer, I think of Canon and that ilk of machine.  But to be honest, I have no idea what is currently on the market.  But this weekend it seems everything is on sale.  So your timing might be optimal.

I've been talking with a friend about our ScanSnaps and realized after a few back-and-forths that we never mentioned the model.  I have the S1500, $414 at Amazon.  So far the autofeed works great.  It autofeeds 20 pages a minute.  does both sides.  auto rotates.  Simple to fix a page that didn't autorotate.  My friend bought a ScanSnap mobile unit that has to be hand-fed one at a time.  Big difference so figured I'd clarify here, too. 

Here's another cool thing.  After unstapling a document and you know how the top of the pages get slightly wrinkled,which could maybe cause a jam, so I scan the document upside down and it scans perfectly upright and going through the scanner "ironed" out the top of the pages.      S1500 is my favorite new thing!!

I bought my ScanSnap in 2006 and it is still going strong.  It is the best piece of hardware EVER! 

I just wanted to post and say I love my new Brother machine.  It scans very fast.  I love the duplex feature.  I have only had one jam so far -- and hopefully no more.  It prints quickly too.

I am considering purchasing the scansnap printer.  I am needing a scanner that scans exhibits quickly.  I have an all-in-one, but when I need to scan a lot of exhibits, it takes forever.  I would appreciate feedback on the Fujitsu scansnap.  Is it easy to set up the software on your computer?




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