I have an all-in-one color printer that I used for scanning, but it's not very fast and can't take a lot of pages.  I want a good, fast scanner/printer, either color or black-and-white, prefer laser but a good inkjet could work if it's high quality.  And I'd love it to do auto duplexing.  All the reviews I read talk about the printer part of it but not the scanner.  Right now I print my roughs and finals on a small HP LaserJet 1020.  My main thing is a good scanner/printer.

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How do you like the ScanSnap scanner?  It's so worth the money.  I use mine all the time sending exhibits to my scopist mostly.  

I have not gotten it yet.  I just ordered it on Sunday.  I can't wait for it to get here!!!  I have only heard great things about it.

Keep us posted as to what you think.  I know you'll love it, though.

I will.  I think I am due to get it Wednesday or Thursday.  Can't wait!!! :-)

My Scansnap is here.  Now if I can only set it up.  :-)

Install the software, which includes the operator's guide, follow installation instructions, and email me for help and/or to call me.  marge201 at gmail.  

Hey, Marge,

You are so kind.  I loaded the software and I'm scanning.  I may have some questions down the line if you don't mind.

I LOVE it.  You were so right.



Excellent!   One tip:  sometimes when opening the scanner, the scanner is not "on" for some reason, so just type scansnap in your Windows search bar and it'll bring up "ScanSnap support tool' and click "recover ScanSnap connection."  It totally works so don't freak out if it appears to not be working.    

I called customer support once for an issue and they were very nice.  The issue was that I'd get vertical lines when scanning a color photo.   He told me to use alcohol to clean something inside. But I found that rescanning the picture either upside down or face down/up gives the scanner a chance to do a better job with the picture.   And make sure to like ScanSnap on FB.  Little nuggets come from all over.

Thank you, Marge, I will join the FB page today.  What a great piece of equipment!!!

Just curious, anyone who has a ScanSnap, have you had to replace the rollers or any parts on your scanner?  Any maintenance things I need to do?

I haven't noticed anything yet.  I do know that it jambs up if you put too many pieces of paper in it, though.  20 is about the maximum mine will take without having a problem.

It's about 2 years old now and so far nothing.  

Be sure to keep handy the thingie for odd shaped things.  Anything scanned in there has to be cropped in SS manager and then it's perfect.  

Also, I just got a Swingline heavy-duty staple remover.  It's fabulous.


No more struggling with thick stapled docs and it's much neater and better for 2-page docs, too.


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