Anyone know anything about  Also under category below when posting an issue "vidographers" isn't spelled correctly. 

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Roger (or anybody else that can answer the question),


The link you provided is urging people to rejoin so they can vote.  If somebody did want to rejoin so they could vote, when's the cut-off for rejoining? 



Roger, I left that good-for-nothing organization exactly when and why I said I would.  Really, I admire your and whatever group's persistence/endeavor to "fix" the NCRA, but, honestly, I feel that association is broken beyond repair.  An "umbrella" association?  They're STILL at that, huh?  Really???!!!  WTF???!!!  In this uncertain and scary economy, we don't need any more competition, and I certainly do not want to give one more red cent to an organization that would ensure the demise of my career's future.  They have demonstrated over and over and OVER again that they only have their own self-interest at heart, to hell with their core members.  I agree that if they want to be a DUMBRELLA association, they need and should be required to disband the literal NCRA name and call themselves something else.


I'm at the point where I can't help but wonder why we even need the useless NCRA.  I still encourage mass exodus.  They NEEED us deposition reporters more than we need them.  They really, truly do not give a damn about us.  All they care about is their own financial viability -- at OUR EXPENSE, and a VERY COSTLY EXPENSE. 


If there are reporters that are so concerned about losing all the initials behind their names?  Well, congratulations for having worked so hard and earned them in the first place, but, trust me, you really don't need them, and you won't lose any work by no longer being a member of the NCRA.  If you're a good/great reporter, you will still be so without continually paying money for those letters.


Sorry, Roger, but anytime the topic of the NCRA and whatever direction it wants to take comes up, it unleashes the red, angry, demonic beast in me.

I'm with you, Quyen.  Maybe not quite the same level of vitriol, but I agree.  Fortunately, I didn't have to pass the RPR or any other test they give.  Never been a member and likely never will.
I was a member for 28 years (Would you believe I got my license when I was 10?.. No, well anyway....).   I let it lapse a few years ago because I didn't get my CEs one year.   I am out of the loop on the NCRA and I don't know what they are up to.  I know a lot of people are like Quyen in their distaste for NCRA.

Remove the sulfuric acid, leave just the facts, and that's how many reporters feel about NCRA.  And those letters after one's name?  I've got quite a few, glad to have them.  Since I do not hire myself out to lawyers, they probably mean more to me than some, because I hire myself out to court reporting agencies who actually know what they mean.  At this point, though, even I will step away from a grassroots movement kind of statement to say it's every man for himself.  If you're good, you're good, and you'll go far with smart clients who demand quality.  Others will have to survive the best way they can.  With two huge issues in reporting being low-ball contracting and rates plummeting in general, those two money issues are things that NCRA can't touch anyway.  It's always been up to the reporter to get good, get better, get smart about business.  Union-like protection will not come from NCRA.  No matter what else they represented, if NCRA would promise one thing, and that's that union-like pitbull advocacy and representation for all reporters in their workplace on matters like adequate compensation and fair and respectful treatment, reporters would flock to the association for protection against the things that are killing us today.  Not going to happen, so again, every man for himself.  And ladies, I mean you too.





In order to have "union-like protection," we'd need to be employees, not independent contractors.

Fair and insightful post, MA.


Agreed, Judy.  Of course, I am an employee in court, but lot of good that's doing me.  We do have a union, and are still in a long drawn-out contract dispute that no one is happy with, where we are going to have takeaways.  I don't even know that the union is helping.  I am not a big union guy.  Anyway, I love my job and I don't mind a few furloughs or loss of a little bit of money.  Just no layoffs, and I'm happy.  I have the best job in the world, and I wouldn't trade it.

I agree, Keith.


MA is right, though.  IF NCRA could figure out how to do it, they'd be inundated with new applications.

It is every (wo)man for him-/herself.  At least I can sleep at night, knowing that I did not contribute to my own career suicide.


To add to Dayette J. Zampolin's quip, I say, "[For every] court reporter [who] will sell their own mother for a dollar," there's another court reporter who will best him/her and sell his/her own mother for 50 cents.

Agree heartily with that one, Queyn!

Lol.  Sad but true.  :(

I do not have the recent experience to give a great thought.  But I think the situation goes beyond NCRA.  It goes to the state level which decides whether court reporters should be licensed, certified, etc. 


I am stuck in Florida.  In my younger days when I had my RPR, the reporters getting the choicy agency jobs in Tampa (which were owned by men) had other qualities going for them which I did not have (best left unsaid here).  There was a time when Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties had 13 court reporting schools.  State legislation got involved and mandated court reporting schools (as well as legal assistant training).  There is now one program for court reporting.


Maybe NCRA isn't doing anything in the lobbying department to change things at the state level(s) to require all states to have court reporter certification.  That certification would surely cut out uncertified wanabe reporters. 


I was just starting out when "mask reporting" was coming on the scene.  I thought it was a joke.


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