I've seen a couple threads on this and I was wondering if someone could answer a couple questions on it before I run out and buy one. Are you able to design the sticker however you want? The ones I have now I had printed for me and they have my name, a place for the number, a line for the number of pages, the date, and the witness's name, plus a heavy line all around it. Will I be able to make something like that? And how hard is it to design the sticker? How much do the stickers cost to buy a roll? I literally have enough exhibit stickers to last the next 10 years probably, but right now I've got about 75 exhibits to mark and I'm just tired of writing out all the info. (Well, actually I type it on the stickers in my typewriter except for the number of pages, but still!)

Thank you!!!

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Very easy to design a label. Very flexible program. I brought in my logo to put in front of my name at the bottom. There are various stock borders, including fancy ones. There is clipart you can apply. It does everything! I've used it when I ran out of Christmas tags on Christmas Eve.

Here's a link for labels. It's Doberman Labels and works great with the QL-500 series. It's continuous tape, so you can set your label length to whatever you want. With this, you can use it for exhibit stickers, mailing labels (Christmas tags) and not have to change the roll to anything specific, like the die-cut that comes with the printer.

Can't recommend it enough. The only drawback is the fact that it means another piece of equipment to carry around. Well worth it, however!
Thank you for the info! I am definitely going to go buy one, TOMORROW. I'd go tonight but I think the stores are closed, hehe. I just use Post-its on the job and then make the stickers at home anyway, so I won't need to take it with me. Thank you so much, ladies!
I think you can get them cheaper online. Take a look at buy.com and staples. I've seen them as low as $35 on buy.com.
Well, Buy.com has it for $83, Amazon has it for $77, Staples is $99.99. Normally I would just get it from Amazon, but I don't want to wait a week for it so I may just go to Staples. Thank you!
Totally understandable! If they had the $35 special, it would be worth the wait! :)
Okay, all you fun people, I just ordered one on eBay for $39.99, and just bought the labels from Doberman. I had never heard of this before. Thank you!!
Noooooo, ack! I didn't even think of eBay!!!! I just placed my Amazon order because Staples doesn't have it in stock.... I wonder if I can cancel it and get it from eBay -- for $40, I'll wait a week!
I just bought one on e-bay for 53.99, no tax, no shipping, new in box. They had a seller that you could buy, with shipping, for $46.54, but they were used.
Well, I got it and it looks pretty cool, although I think I need a different size tape than it came with. My stickers are 1" by 1.5". I don't know where to start though! Anyone want to send me their template? I would be forever grateful. And how is it you get it to do the consecutive numbering? I guess I'll take the book on my depo tomorrow for some light reading, hehe...
If you want to share your template, my email is deborah aka debi @ gmail.com (without the spaces of course.) TIA!
I just got mine, too, but I'm waiting for the labels from Doberman. I don't know anything about the template, either. If anyone is willing to share, my e-mail address is janet.mchugh@yahoo.com
I've attached mine here.
Thank you!


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