Does anybody know which computer is best to buy right
Now that would be compatible with Eclipse. I heard there 
Are glitches with windows 7.  Can you help please. My computer
Is 5 years old and keeps shutting off during realtime. 

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I am only on XP, but my computer at home I use is 7 and it works fine.  However, I don't use it in RT.  I know a lot of reporters are using 7 with Eclipse. 


I personally love Toshiba.  I have had two of them now and would not buy anything else.  The audio quality is great.   What you might want to think about doing is buying your laptop through Advantage.  That way, they will set everything up and make sure it works properly with your dictionary and settings added.  Then you should not have a problem.  Advantage would know what works best with their software.   I have never done that but know some reporters do.

I have a toshiba too and I love it and wouldnt
Mind buying another one, except that they all have
7 now in the market. Eclipse of course would 
Have everything set up but the only have fugitsu
And it's relatively more expensive than what's 
On the market!
I did a lot of research before I bought my laptop and I am totally satisfied.  I love my laptop.  It's a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC.  The attachment areas are all located on both sides, not in the back.  It has touch buttons above the keyboard for volume and wifi instant access.  It has Windows 7, which did not work with the very old version of Eclipse that I have, but a friend installed a virtual computer within my computer that runs XP and I have it running in there.  Good luck!

Thank you, Ladies, for your replies.  I will sure consider them as I'm searching for the right computer to buy.

I called Eclipse today to ask about these glitches with W7, and they said that the new version 5 should take care of any problems, so I'm crossing my fingers!!

I have heard that Toshibas aren't that good.  Someone even had trouble with the Toshiba that Eclipse offered.  I suppose any model can be crappy in a certain time period.  My friend had an HP that was so bad HP took it back.  I've had good success with Sony Vaio's.   I did have  a Toshiba that wouldn't pick up the audio at all decently but that was about ten years ago.  I'm too afraid to try a Toshiba again.


I had the opposite problem on my old computer - I couldn't turn it off after realtime.  I hope you have everything backed up from your computer.  Mine just died one day - luckily I was able to recover most everything from online backup.  I just bought a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge.  I like everything except the function key and control key are reversed on bottom left and is taking some getting used to.  Touchpad needs rather firm touch now, but I assume I can adjust that.  can't comment on Eclipse compatibility though.

There is a thread over on Depoman just abut Toshibas.

Apparently they have suffered a bit of a slide in their quality control over the past few years.  The recommendation is not to buy them at this time ... but if you do, backup early and often!

For anyone who wants to buy on the cheap side, take a look at  I'm job shopping now, so I bought a small tape recorder.  It was $100 at Martel, and $40 at Amazon. 

Don't know much about Eclipse, but I'm a big fan of Toshiba computers.  I used to use Dell - but their customer service was AWFUL!!!


I got my Toshiba at Best Buy and paid for a service contract where you bring it in to have it fixed on the spot two years ago - never had to use it! (no complaints though...)


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