California Depostion reporting agency opportunity

This only relates to Southern and Northern California.
We have never posted on this site, so bear with me. We are a reporter owned agency. We have been in business over 30 years. We are a boutique agency that does a ton of med mal defense and workers comp. We are very successful and have no desire to be huge or offer contract reporting rates like the big guys. I know how that upsets reporters. We pay a high page rate and only work with great reporters. I know a lot of reporters right now have there own private clients, are having trouble collecting from there clients, and the do all the back office work, along with taking the depositions. We are looking for reporters to join my firm who can bring existing clients to the business and we can help grow those firms into even more business for you. We would give you an annuity on your existing client. Also we work very closely with our reporters; we are all on the same team. Our reporters have great relationships with previous clients who liked using them in the past but the reporters have left there previous agencies and have forgotten to call the atty's who they have relationships with. We will do that for you and get you the client back. It works!! I do it for our reporters all the time. Next thing you know they have more reporting.

Maybe you have a few private clients and are tired of servicing them. We can do all the production, give you their depos, and call your previous contacts, and get you more business. It is a win win for both of us.

We are a different type of agency, we are all one team, you are not a number, and our reporters are very important to us. I speak with our reporters regularly and make sure everyone is happy and paid well.

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I am a California Certified Reporter, No. 13431.  I'd like to know how you get around the Southern California tradition of stipulating away a copy sale.  Also, is your regular delivery time ten business days?  Finally, I'd like to know the name of the agency.




Mary Ann Payonk, RPR, RMR, CRR, RDR, CBC, CCP, CLR CSR

CA CSR No. 13431

I, too, would like to know who is running this agency.  You can e-mail me privately at


Judy Runes

CA CSR No. 5874

(and, yes, I have a small base of clients and might be interested)

I am sort of curious why you didn't state your name here.  That would be a good thing to know.  Sort of vague.

  I would like to be a little discreet.  It is a very small industry.  I met an owner from a very large agency the other day who I new as a child  25 years ago.  I would deliver my mothers transcripts to the office after she proofed them.  She told me it was a cut throat industry and "business is business"  I don't like to run our agency like that.  I think we are a team and should always do the right thing for everyone.  Anyone who would like the name of our firm, please email me to  and I will gladly give our company name to you.  I would appreciate it if you don't publish it on this site.


Thank you.



Michael, I somewhat understand your hesitancy.  I will agree with some things you say!  Court reporting is a very small industry.  It can be cutthroat, meaning that the "business is business" thing is what's said after you're stabbed in the back.  Hey - it happens.  I've saved a lot of reporters' comments to me over the years about agencies promising to do right by them, then turning around and whipping out the blade!  But with the wonders of the Internet, and reporters constantly seeking to prove the saying Knowledge is Power, I think agencies who develop a name for themselves can rest assured that their reputation will spread far and wide.  So best of luck to you in starting a new firm.


As far as stating one's name, I know for some, that's a real deal-killer.  There's another reporters message board where you can be absolutely shunned, and I mean invisible, if you do not use your correct name and identify yourself.  In other words, they do not tolerate "handles."  Even first names, "Mary Ann," for instance - uh, no.  The very first time I posted on that message board, probably a dozen years ago when I first discovered message-board'ing, I signed off with "MaryAnnRDR," which I thought said it all -- my name and my credentials.  I was complimented for what I said on the one hand, but publicly embarrassed and chided and, yes, scolded for not using my "real" name on the other hand.  I came back to rip them a new one, because I believe it's what you say and not knowing a real name that actually matters.  I think we can tell when fake is fake.  Plus, anyone can fake-up a name and town to "be" someone.  I don't see that that last name and town ID will bring credibility to what someone posts.  It's WHAT someone posts that matters ... to me, anyway.


That is all!



Just a quick side note to everyone, I spoke with Michael over the phone today and was really motivated by his determination to further his business and maximize success. he's a legit guy with a really commendable approach to not staying stagnant in this business. i would encourage anyone who does have clients to join the boat of what michael is envisioning.

Good luck to all of you!

God bless you!

Hello, this is Michael again regarding my Agency. 


I've had a bunch of people mention to me they do not what to give up their private clients.


I agree, I would only like your clients if you are either done with Reporting and are looking for a lifetime annuity or are over doing the back office production.

There seems to be some confusion.  My agency is not a new one.  We have been around for 30 years.  I would consider us a mid level company not a huge company.  Our reporters are like family and we strive to keep everyone as busy as they would like.I am happy to share my company name with anyone who would like talk to me about it. I have already shared it with several people on this site.

I am trying to expand our business.  I get concerned about a large agency coming in a taking my largest clients!!  I have been working with our new and existing reporters asking them to send me names of assistants or atty's who have requested them in there past and liked working with them.  Most reporters are not marketers.  I will call those old relationships, more than likely they will start ordering from us and YOU will get the business. Then I will continue to develop those relationships and get you more business.  If you are sitting at home and do not have enough work, which is the case for many reporters right now, we should work together and find some clients for both of us.  It works.  I do it all the time.  And we can be in this together.    My email is above.  All I hear is how unhappy reporters are with there agencies now you can do something about it, and maybe find a new home with us.


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