Hi Everybody,

I was just wondering if anyone familiar with E-transcript can tell me if there is some trick to getting E-trans to print with a larger font in the transcript body.  I have gone through the user settings extensively in E-trans and have tweaked and adjusted every setting available to print larger font, but it only gives me a larger font for my cover pages but not in the body of the transcript.  I know other agencies have figured this out because I have gone to depos and have seen transcripts sitting on the table that have perfectly large font printed transcripts, but for some reason I can't get mine to print like that.  I'm wondering if it a function of having one of those fancy copier/printer machines that can be programmed to print on a more zoomed in setting, etc.  So frustrated by this!!

I would appreciate any suggestions and advice on the subject.


A Frustrated CSR

(I have also tried using PDF-IT and printing straight from my Eclipse software to no avail.  I cannot seem to get the larger font to print using ANY programs out there.)  Having the same problem with the condensed transcripts.

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Deborah - Page Setup - Full-size page - Text

You can change your font & your font size.  Different fonts are different sizes.  Play around with that. 

Also, it depends on what margins you have set & the length of your line, the number of characters you have on the line. If you have your margins set too wide, it will squeeze the letters within that margin.


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