I posted this under "Xdrive closing as of..." but thought maybe I'd better create a new post, since that one was older.

I subscribed to Carbonite but am having touble gettting it to back up my CaseCatalyst files. I have the CaseCatalyst icon on my desktop selected to be backed up, but it's not backing up my individual job files within CaseCatalyst. I've also tried to select it to be backed up by going into "my computer" and selecting it that way.

How do you all get Carbonite to back up your individual job files within your CR software?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I copy jobs into a separate file on my desktop. One is called "Transcripts done," the other is called "Hold Notes." Carbonite backs those up no problem. I just don't think it can figure out our software.
In Windows Explorer, I have C: Cat4\usr\Marge selected for backup. I right-click Litter$ and select "don't back this up."
The icon on your desktop is probably an exe file, which means it executes or loads your CaseCatalyst program.

You need to go to your C drive. Then program files. Then right click on your CaseCatalyst folders and set it up for backup. When you right-click a little menu shoud pop with Carbonite as one of the options. When you scroll down to Carbonite, I think backup this folder should be an option.

Also, do you have the Carbonite icon in your lower right system tray on your computer? Do you have your colored status dot options turned on?

You can always call Carbonite tech support as well.
In the case of Catalyst, CAT4 is its own folder in the C drive. Within that folder is the "usr" folder. There is nothing Catalyst-related in the Program Files folder. All of those type of files (exe, etc) are contained in the CAT4 folder. For backup purposes, we only use the usr\[insert user's name] folder.
Thanks for your replies and suggestions!

Marge and Kyung, initially I did go to the "usr" file under the CaseCatalyst file and right-click it to be backed up, but it was giving me a message stating that not all the subfiles would be backed up (namely, the audio files).

But I figured out how to fix that problem. I opened up the "usr" folder and subfolders until I could see the individual subfiles, right-clicked on one of the audio files (wav extension), selected "properties," clicked on the "Carbonite" tab, and selected "back up files of this type (within folders selected for backup)," and, presto, it's working!!!

Diana, you should try to set yours up this way, so you don't have to manually back your files up every time. It's so much nicer to not have to worry about it and just let it do it's thing automatically! :)

Thanks again for your replies!




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