Case Catalyst question: Easier way to not have by line on last line of page?

Hi!  Does anyone have a better way of making sure there is not a by line on your last line of your page?  The way I've been doing this is search "BY MR." or "BY MS."  Is there a better, easier way, maybe automated way of doing this after transcript is finished to move all by lines to line 1 of next page with /// replacing the previous page?  Thank you.  Patty

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Insert an orphan control symbol into your byline definition set to 2.  That will always keep two lines together so that the byline and the question line will stay together.  In terms of automatically inserting the ///, I'd have to give that some thought.

Hi Jules,

I was able to work on this today.  It's the best trick.  I didn't know what orphan control meant until you told me.  There is a way to put /// in too.  This is going to save me a lot of time.  Thank you for giving me the answer to this.

I have always done:

Q.    (By Mr. Smith)   What time did you leave?

To avoid having to deal with that very thing, if I'm understanding what you're talking about.


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