My name is Joan Hurtis and I live and work in Tomahawk, WI. I am available for work immediately. I am wanting to increase my workload.

I am a graduate of Best Scoping Techniques, which is one of the premier scopist training schools, and I have also taken additional Case CATalyst software training with the Internet Scoping School . I use Case CATalyst 9 and Audio Sync, and always keep my updates current. I have been scoping for a year and a half since graduation of my training, and I can provide references if requested.

I am fully trained in reading steno, punctuation, transcript production, and research. I work with Audiosync and CaseCATalyst everyday. I am experienced with expert testimony in various areas, and have the research tools to handle most any field of expertise. I am experienced with courtroom testimony and procedure, and deposition work.

I am a full-time scopist, and my goal is to work with a reporter to produce as flawless a transcript as possible. I will work with your individual preferences as far as punctuation, formatting, and the like. I have worked with reporters that are brand new, and some that are very experienced, which has helped me become very flexible. I can help reporters that are not familiar with transferring files and audio online, also.

Thanks! Joan

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