In school I was taught four basic speaker Id marks for four attornies. Since I plan on working as a depo reporter, I was wondering if anyone has any ways they stroke speaker id for more than four attornies? My current strokes for speakers 1-4 are as follows:

2- JAO

After that, I suppose I could use the entire left bank SGLAO and right bank IFRPBLGTS for speakers 4 and 5, but does anyone use any different strokes? I was wondering as down the road, I would love to take on 0+5's and et cetera, but just need a way to comfortable Identify attornies around the table. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated!!!

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All of this advice is terrific. Thanks to everyone, and I'm glad there are many successful ways of doing it. I guess i'll find the rhythm by just practicing and using these tips. =)


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