I absolutely love the new little features that are showing up at the bottom of my page.

And Chipin is cool!! Now, you can see how much Monti & Kelli need to keep this site up and running. It's not that much if all of us contributed. Heck, if we all contributed a dollar, just once. Not a day, not a month, just once, they'd have enough to pay for CSRNation for a year.

So really, I think it would be great if we could all do at least that much. I know everyone's having tough times out there, but really what's a dollar? And if you've covered a job on this site or taken a job on this site, I think it would be great for you to contribute at least two dollars.

I bet it's the best value for that dollar you're ever going to get in terms of information, community, and networking. Much cheaper than the NCRA annual conventions, and a much better opportunity to get to know people over time and pick up jobs.

The bottom line is that we all love CSRNation, and I for one am happy to "chipin" to keep it up and running.

So please donate, or I'm going having to start doing something dreadful like advocating for one of those PBS telethons or maybe Monti & Kelli will even have to start charging or looking for a corporate sponsor. Is that what you really want? Do you want poor Kelly or Monti to have to wear a shirt that says Thomson Reuter or NCRA all the time?

I love the fact that this site is sponsorship free. NO adds from the NCRA or Stenograph something. You get to place your ads for free in the classifieds. What if they had to start charging for that?

So I will try to climb down off my soapbox now, but check out the new features. They're fun and they're cool!!!

Oh, by the way, these are my own rantings and ravings. Neither Monti or Kelli has ever asked me to ask you for a donation, and I am in no way going to be monetarily recompensed for my rantings or ravings. The only recompense I get will be the privilege of continuing to use this site to rant & rave some more and see what all of you, my fellow reporters & friends, are doing.

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I will gladly make a doantion. Just picked up two jobs off this site. So the question is - I will write a check today - to whom shall I make out the check, and what is the mailing address? Yep, I could probably look through the site and find it, but it would be a lot easier and quicker if we had it posted right here.

Edit: Now that I've reread the original post, I guess there's a place to click to "chipin." Maybe I'm half asleep, maybe I just can't see this morning, but I don't see it anywhere. So please forgive me for asking a stupid question if it's VERY obvious to everyone but me.

Thanks for the website, Monti, and THANK YOU for the work that has come my way through this site.

Look at the bottom of the page. There should be a little bar with chipin on it.
Wow! I am tired. There it is! That's what happens when you're on day nine of working 14-16 hours days - except last night when I went to bed at 6:45 pm.

Thanks! I'll definitely make my donation now.
Just my opinion, but I feel it's long past time that CSRnation have an open side and a premium subscription side. Firms and reporters both benefit from the Cover Depos area, but I don't think ... just my opinion ... I don't think voluntary donations will cover the cost, because I doubt every agency looking for coverage, nor every reporter who picks up a job, thinks to send in a contribution. Everyone wants and expects things on the Internet to be free. And they are free most of the time. But for reporters and agencies who are serious about what they do, I think a nominal fee for a premium subscription to a great side like CSRnation would be just fine by me!

I just made my donation -- it was so EASY! This is the best networking site around for those interested in the court reporting field. My hats off to Monti and Kelly for all that they do!!!
I have embedded a link to job offers...
So, every time someone sends out a job offer (people sending and people receiving) should see a link, hopefully this works.. hehe.
Very good idea!
Maybe if you charge at least a nominal $2 fee for posting a job offer, you won't get people using Cover Depositions as a way to communicate anything other than a real job offer.
Monti & Kelli,

There's two places in this neck of the woods that will help you cover your calendar... for a price of $35 or $40 per depo. One of them actually uses CSRnation to find reporters. I think $5-$10 per SOS put out over CSRnation for coverage is very reasonable. Maybe $5 for nonemergencies (they'll air within an hour or so) and $10 and it'll get put out over The Nation IMMEDIATELY (you know, for those last-minute call-ins that creates MAJOR headaches for every calendar department). Very reasonable, indeed.

Just my .02.
Monti and Kelli,

A great big THANK YOU to you ladies for this site. Chipin said donations were closed, but I'm glad it allowed me to contribute. You have no idea how much I enjoy this site. I've learned so much from the little time I've spent on here already. Just found CSRnation about a month ago, and I'm telling everyone about it. It's GREAT!!! Thank you again for all the time and effort y'all have put into this. I've just barely scratched the surface.


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