I'm looking for a computer and not sure what to get.  I've always had Dells, and I currently have one that is 2 years old with problems.  At this time, Dell is sending a tech out to give me a rebuilt hard drive.  I'm not happy.  So does anyone have any computer suggestions?  I'm currently on Case Catalyst.


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I use Catalyst and have only had ThinkPads.  Here's where I suggest you buy one:

For ThinkPad lovers (the only laptop I’ve ever had; I’m currently on my 5th), do some price checking and then call this guy to see what he has:


Robert (Bob) C. Bogutsky

5064 Overcrest Drive
Kannapolis, NC 28081 USA
Telephone (Home) 704 785-9276
Primary Email ID: rbogutsky@carolina.rr.com
Facsimile: 704 782-4911
Mobile: 704 258-3287


He's a retired IBMer, who has great (legitimate) sources of new and slightly used ThinkPads, all with Lenovo warranties which can and should be verified with Lenovo prior to buying, which he upgrades and sells a few on eBay but mostly privately since that gives him the ability to work with the potential buyer and suggest units and alternatives.  I am using a T61 now that I bought from him.  You get a lot more for your money with Bob than anywhere else.  Mine came with only 8 months left on the warranty, so I bought a 2-year extended warranty from Lenovo for $129.


You can't go wrong with Bob.  He's terrific and so knowledgeable.


I use Catalyst and get excellent audiosynch.


Marge Teilhaber CSR RDR

Fort Lee, NJ

I absolutely love, love my Toshiba.  I don't think I would ever buy anything else.  This is my second one.  The audio quality is excellent.

Hi Kelli,

I just bought a new Toshiba and I too love Toshibas.  It's my second one.  I was wondering what do you use to connect to your machine.  Because my old USB to Serial cable is not compatible with W7, and I've read absolute horror stories about freezing of audio and screen freezing and losing audio with the new PCI or whatever USBto Serial cable that's available on the market and would be compatible with my new Toshiba with W7.  I'm seriously having a second thought about keeping this computer. 

If anyone would have any idea about what's the best cable out there to use with W7, please help!!!



I haven't used it yet with a USB to Serial cable yet.  My Diamante just connects to the port and that's; you need no converter.  That's good info  to know when doing RT, though, because I had one from Cool Gear I am using and don't know if it is compatible for  W7 because I have had it so long. 


However, when I plugged it in, the computer automatically found the driver for it and installed it.  I would assume it wouldn't do that if it was the wrong driver.

I've had great success with Toshiba and Sony
I love my Toshiba too.  I'm on my second, and only retired my first because it had become obsolete.  But what a workhorse it was.  Between Toshibas I had an HP, but had major problems with it pretty consistently.  Including a crash after having scoped a 130-page medical expedite.  To be fair, my husband has an HP and hasn't had a minute's trouble with it.  After my HP experience, though,  I went right back to Toshiba, and I'm perfectly happy with it.   Good luck!


What model Toshiba do you have and how is your audio quality (recording on the computer)?

I have a Satellite L645D with Windows 7, and I run StenoCAT on it.  I bought it about 9 months ago now, I'm guessing.  The recording quality is pretty darned good.  HP was lousy, but I'm very happy with this one, and I don't use an external mic.   


Thanks, Michelle.  Good to know.  Did you order the computer from Toshiba or buy it at a store somewhere?
Sure thing, Janiece.  I just bought it at Best Buy.

Again, Michelle, thanks for the info.


Michelle, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite because you liked yours.  When I plugged in my microphone the audio was horrible.  I read what you said that you don't use a microphone so I took it off and the sound got tons better. 


Amazing that the computer doesn't want a microphone.  How funny.  What makes me nervous is sometimes I can't see the little bars showing it is recording the sound.  That makes me nervous, though.


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