I'm finally trying to make my numbers make sense numerically so that I can take the CRR.  I am looking for other reporters who write their numbers as words to make suggestions on how they get their numbers to translate into numerals.  I have times down and years.  I need to know how to make my numbers translate 100% or close to that without using the number bar.  Is it possible?  I'm a complete stranger to the number bar.


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I took my number bar off years ago and have never used it.  I didn't learn to use a number bar.  I don't know quite where to begin, though.







Not sure I want to write them all to a hundred

TWUN = 21

TWAO = 22

TWEA = 23

THRI = 30

THRUN = 31

FRI = 40

FRUN = 41

FRAO = 42

TPWEU = 50

TPWUN = 51

TPWAO = 52

SKI = 60

SKUN = 61

STPEU = 70

STPUN = 76

STPAO = 72

KWRI = 80

KWRUN = 81

Etc.   Let me know if you have any questions about a particular number.  As I said, I could write these out forever.

TWO =  2

TW*O = two

and so on.  I just throw an asterisk into the outline I want to be defined as a word and leave out the asterisk for the outline I want to be defined as a figure.

I would also suggest you slowly start using the number bar.  Little by little you will grow to love it.  I learned to write my numbers as words.  Now I use a combination of words and the number bar.

Thanks so much for the responses.  I do write out my numbers just like you and Kelly, but my problem is trying to make one thousand six hundred and forty two dollars and 19 cents look like $1,642.19.  

And three two four dash five one nine two look like 324-5192

And the date of the accident was four one nineteen eighty nine look like 4/1/1989

And the interest rate was twelve point zero three four look like 12.034

And so on.  When I write them they do come up completely verbatim as words, but in order to pass the CRR, as well as have my numbers look really clean for real time, they must translate into the correct numerical pattern.

Any other suggestions?

Well, I know with Eclipse, it will make seven numbers you write out, it automatically will make it a phone number or a social security number nine numbers.  I do a lot of patent work so I have a stroke to make it a patent number after I write the numbers.

For time, I write SE*F THRI TEA and it will make it 7:30.  The TEA makes it time and DEA makes a date.  You set this up through your software.

For dates, aftter I write the date as you have set out here, I write DEA and it makes the slashes.

If I write WUN THOU SIX HUN FRAO DLARS NEAN KRENTS, it will be $1,642.19 as you have above.

If I write a "point"  in the middle of the numbers, it will come out the way you have set out, 12.034, etc.

Which software are you using?

What software are you on?

StenoCat 32

You need to define a hyphen stroke that has delete spaces on either side of it so it will attach the numbers.

My stroke for this is HAOEUF.  I'm on CC and the way that is defined is ~HAOEUF~

For the point, I have a stroke for point that does the same thing.

 PO*IN   defined in my dictionary so everything squished together.

You will need a variation for when they say .01.

So I will need to define hyphen as <remove spaces>HAOEUF<remove spaces> to make that stroke do this:  "Four sixteen nineteen forty-six."  4-16-1946 by first defining it and then stroking out four HAOEUF sixteen HAOEUF nineteen forty six?  Then how about the nineteen forty six to look like 1946?

Why don't you just define DEA in your dictionary to make it a date after you write the date?  Seems like two less strokes.

I like that one!  Easy and intuitive.

There should be strokes in your software to help you with this.  You can go to the user group on this site and get help from people on your software or call your software company.  I am on CC so I can't help you.  It's really pretty easy.


There is an easier way to do the dates.  You should be able to write the numbers and then use a macro stroke from your writer to change the format to the date format you desire.  You are working too hard if you put all that in.  Check with other people on your software or your software company.


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