Court Reporting Board of Arizona Proposes to Cut Ethics From Code

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If a plumber has to give away iPads to get business I would wonder at the quality.   If a plumber is Diamond Certified, even if he charges a bit more, I may use that plumber.   It's not always about the cheapest is the best.  

If my doctor was giving away iPads to get business, I would be very afraid.   

ROFLMAO! Cute!  I wanna be Diamond Certified - how do I do that?  Finally figured out how to stop receiving these response alerts on threads (I think) - will try it.  Everybody just try to get along - all of this is for naught - just let the Gov. get opened again (if it ever does :) & let DOJ do their thing & rule - that will take care of the issue & then maybe everybody will, hopefully, be happy again.

Sharon, I guess you won't see this since you've stopped following! But I just wanted to say, in case, that I love your attitude. You have your beliefs, and you don't try to act holier than thou about them, and you accept that others have their different beliefs -- and you are funny to boot. Keep on postin'! :)

First of all, iPads are so dang expensive that I doubt that anyone giving them away "has to" do it. It's more like a calculated business expense.

Secondly, I agree with you that cheapest is not always best. No one said otherwise. 

Third, if my doctor were giving away iPads to get business, I would be afraid too. But I thought we were talking about court reporting here.

Lisa, indeed iPads are expensive. For the price of one iPad ($500 to $600) to WOW a lawyer you may only see once a year, sure enough is a luxury only very few reporters use as they must purchase at least two or three, the expense for most of us is not at this time a reasonable course.

With $600, I went on Amazon and Craigslist and I found private sales of USED Acer netbooks that were selling for around $100 each. It took about a month and a half, but I bought SIX of them and installed Bridge successfully.

Besides, give it a while and more lawyers will have their own iPads and they can download and install the RT software for te iPad and other tablets and we won't have to carry he excess weight.

Really there is no harm buying used netbooks. They weigh just three pounds. Have a little faith in the honesty of strangers who they like you are just selling they no longer want, yet perfectly working fine when they bought it new at $280 or more.

Also, forgive me if I have my Northern California Marthas mixed up, but didn't you just say on FB that one of the reasons CaseCAT is better than Eclipse is that Stenograph is a corporation of many versus Advantage being a company run by one man?

So on some level you recognize the benefits a large corporation has to offer. Well, how do you think a corporation is able to offer those benefits? Possible ways include lower rates and creative marketing. 

NOW do you see the connection?

This is an example of what I meant by you guys missing the big picture.

Ms Black likes to use very graphic adjectives and nouns and by doing so indirectly ascribes these characterizations on us who do not agree with her puritanical ideology.

Hm, not sure about your post to me regarding iPads and netbooks. ??  You may have made some assumptions that I didn't actually state.


I billed out $20,000 this month -- yes, month -- which was possible purely because I agreed readily to the job beforehand, which required my bringing loaners (whether laptop or iPad).

That is one MONTH. Therefore, no offense, but I am not very likely to "wait for attorneys to start bringing their own iPads"! Think of all the income I'd miss out on . . .

That's wonderful. I should always bring my six PC netbooks as I take a number of multiple party depositions and guess who knows how much more I should make in a month. Great idea.

Understand however you missed my point.

It is not the device that is so important and who brings the tablet, it's the information that goes into it. I would rather not have to bring my netbooks. It's extra weight.

It was not that long ago when we reporters did not bring the extra PCs. The lawyers all brought their own, but because of too many incompatible cable issues and wireless installations of drivers in PCs where the lawyers did not have administrative rights, we got away from those headaches and started bringing our own PCs to guaranty successful connectivity.

By the way, I hear that the IRS likes to patrol these blogs. I would be careful about what you like to admit in public.


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