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I'm with you. My son and I are already both vax injured. Reaction reporting for this experimental gene therapy is low by all accounts, and the CDC/Fauci can't make up their minds one day to the next how many shots, boosters, masks, etc. Too many so-called experts also own patents to the experimental gene therapy (rna rewrites dna), and have major stakes in pharma as well as testing companies. It's all incestuous. I'm not believing overly rosy anecdotes, either, I'm trusting the courageous experts willing to endure persecution for telling what they see and know of the dangers. Then you have the propaganda and force being used, and I believe the rates of vaccination are exaggerated. On and on. And all for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate with simple treatments? No. Makes no sense. God gave us immune systems, they can handle what is essentially the flu. 

And now your body is producing chimeric proteins in perpetuity and your DNA is being irreparably, yes, irreparably changed to chimeric (non human) AI compatible, synthetic DNA and your immune system wrecked for all time into the future.  You'll likely be required to take additional shots for the rest of your life to deal with the never ending mutations that all of you who took the shots are now producing - you are becoming a vaccine factory literally - that was the plan - and you are now patentable, ownable by whoever made the vaccines you have been and will be injected with which means you are now a slave and totally controllable by AI.  This will not end well for you either.  You have been uploaded with a very real operating system (ModeRNA says so) which will sync with 5G and 6G technology connecting you to the blockchain.  Your future money is Diem (formerly Libra) crypto currency.  Most people are completely unprepared to live free of this new AI quantum computer controlled system, so, like you, too many have and will sell their birthright for a mess of terminal stew just because they want to believe the lie that things will get back to normal.  Your new chimeric genes will also be passed on to any future progeny you create.  The changes going on inside your body now cannot be reversed.  I wish you had not taken the jab.  You will wish you had not done so in 4 to 18 months.  Anytime I hear the mainstream media call something or someone "conspiracy theory/theorist", I figure I'd better pay attention to it, cuz it's most probably the truth being stomped upon.  You should have done your research into what is actually in the vax and the SARS Covid, the actual components, and what they actually do in the body, before you ever took that eternally fatal jab.  The technology injected into you is so high level and the changes now occurring in your body so insidious and damaging on a molecular level that I won't be surprised if you cannot even understand all I've just written here. 

I don't care how many people in whatever country are doing it, they're doing it out of coercion based on case numbers...due to a test that was and continues to be misused because it was not created for this virus and so many cycles. Fear and coercion are the worst reasons to do anything, and governments are never satisfied with just a little more obedience. Thousands and thousands of adverse reactions that we even know of, whereas previously just a few shut down drug trials. This is a giant drug trial, because the one on animals killed the animal subjects. We need to learn the lessons of history. No thanks.

I appreciate your experience, Stephen, and those in your family.  That's awesome that your vision actually improved.  I'm not sure if you were asking about more info on the debate between Dershowitz and Kennedy, or you were asking about something else.  The debate was on YT "Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr., vs Dershowitz." I personally would like the option since I've not had any issue with covid, nor has my family.  And I'm not afraid of getting covid and getting over covid.  We know more as a world about covid today than we do the vaccines.  I'd prefer for more time to pass and more knowledge to be gained on the vaccines as has been gained on covid.

Watch the movie Vaxxed II about all the children that just take all the vaccines they are required to take and get autism and some even die.  

The COVID vaccine is no different but the side effects are worse.

I love this discussion, but I better leave the group or I'll have so many emails to delete I'll lose my mind :)

You don't have to leave the group. You can turn off the notifications/follow.

I tried, but I still kept getting the emails.  I'm afraid to turn off all emails in case there's something else to see!

Just go to your settings and uncheck all the email notifications ones.  I did that and I get no more notifications of when a new post comes up.  If I want to see what's going on here, I just come to the site and check out new postings.  You don't have to leave this discussion that way.

The Covid vaccine does not contain Covid. It’s totally different than other vaccines you may have had or read about. Disappointing that this non political discussion resulted in my vaccine positive, actual results comments were deleted so a negative narrative would be dominant. Good luck to you all.

All you posted was a lady laughing, so I thought that was inappropriate if that's what you are talking about, Stephen.  I did not find that helpful at all.  We are here to find answers; not be sarcastic.

Good luck to you in your future years, Stephen.


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