Curious about court reporting profession in Lake Tahoe area

Hi, I'm a new member to this group.   I was a Texas CSR since 1998, but because of a small snafu ion my renewal paperwork and continuing education credits, when the Texas Board sent me back an e-mail to inform me of the minor glitch, I never received it (went to my spam box), so I missed the deadline for renewal.   Of course this was the first time in my 17 years of reporting that I had actually let my Texas CSR lapse even though I had been working in Virginia and Washington, D.C., so now I have to retake the CSR after passing two qualifying CSR tests for a school here in Texas.  I will admit  was given the option of protesting my case for missing the deadline or just retaking the CSR, and I chose to retake the test, thinking it would be good for me.  So it's my own fault.

But now I'm just wondering about Lake Tahoe since we love it so much.  Can anyone give me some general information regarding the reporting profession there, etc.?

Thanks, Karol


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