Read some prior posts recently from years ago where reporters were not getting paid from this firm - DCR Litigation Services.  Then I heard of videographers not getting paid from her - Annette Duke.  Now I'm in the same boat.   She owes me a LOT of money.  I worked for her for many years.  She's underpaid me in some cases, i.e., $40 for a last minute cancel.   $3.40 for ALL cases whether it's P.I. or expert.   

Any information anyone can share with me? Thanks.

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A friend brought this up to reporters we know during breaks at a reporting association seminar about a year and a half ago because she wasn't getting paid either (depo was up in NorCAl)  and lots of reporters have been burned by them.  Tell everyone you know not to work for them.  Take them to small claims or maybe even the local DA's office.  If you live in the area, tell them you expect a check and will be by to pick it up.  
Call the Court Reporters Board since the owner is a CSR.  

Thank you for your response, Kellie.  Yes, I now have referred it to my attorney.   She admitted she owes me X amount, which is less than I am owed, and would only agree to give it to me in payments over a long period of time IF I signed a document stating that X is what I am owed, which it is not.  So apparently she is now refusing to pay me anything.  And yes, I have talked to CR friends, who say they laugh when she calls asking for help, and agencies who will just refuse to work with her.  Now I understand why.   

So sorry you got caught up in such a mess.   Hope you are able to recoup your money. 

Thank you, Kellie.  I appreciate your advice and concern.  I most certainly plan on recouping all of it.   

They've also been banned from CSR Nation and I think DRA (Deposition Reporters Association).

the worst of the worst
i didnt heed the warning and tried to help out in a bind..
they owe me since january and dont even answer their phones or reply to emails
total losers

oh, wow!  sorry about that Linda.  At least I have contact.   email me at

Wish I had of read this thread before agreeing to networking with them. Been three months and they have disappeared.

Take them to small claims court.  Sorry.

Maybe contact Colleen's lawyer to see if she can help you.  Some money with attorneys fees is better than no money.  


DCR website is now down. We made the mistake of networking a few jobs with them and am on the hook for $2k. Not so much the money but the principal now. 

I can't locate Annette Duke so if anyone has any information they can share it would be appreciated.


I checked this morning and the website was up.  She relocated her offices down the street to 2945 Townsgate Road, #200, Westlake Village, CA  91361


Yes, I saw that the website was back up as well. It's a shame that she operates the way she does.

Thanks!  Jerry


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