DEPOSITION/COURT RECORDER REPORTER 5000 Digital Conference Recorder/transcriber 4 Microphone Package

Has anyone used this product?  I'm thinking it would be great for hearings.  It's VERY expensive.  You can synch the audio w/ your computer if you need to. 

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How expensive?

Will it sync up to our software text just like our audio files, or just you can use its wav file in Windows media player? 

I'll have to double check on the price.  I think it's $599.

Yes, it synchs w/ your text.

They also advertise that there will be no interference from Blackberries or anything on the audio.

You can get just the recorder for $499 but to get all the extra microphones it bumps up to $599.

How can it possibly sync with Catalyst or Eclipse text if it's not made by one of those companies?
As long as it has a time stamp, you can sync up any wav file with your Eclipse file.
Kerry, it does have time stamps.  That's why you can synch it.
I guess it would be great if you do a lot of hearings.  I, myself, don't do hearings.  For certain people, it would be great.  Price is a little hefty, though.

I just have the recorder itself.  BEST audio recording, hands down.  In fact, I use it AS my microphone to record my audiosync.  I have a male-to-male cord that I put in the mic spot on my Andrea USB sound card, and I put the other end in the line out slot on the Martel.  It records audio onto the SD card in the digital recorder, as well as my laptop audiosync.  I L-O-V-E- this recorder.  There are probably four of five of us in my office that use it.


I record mine in MP3 to save space, but if I ever needed them to sync up for some reason, I'd have to convert them to wav.

Rhonda, so do you have a mic hooked to the recorder or do you just use the recorder hooked to your computer as the mic?  They advertise that it has wonderful audio.

If you just buy the recorder, I believe the price is $499.  The $599 price is for all the extra microphones.

I do not have a mic hooked to the recorder.  In fact, I've noticed it sounds better without a mic attached.  Just my opinion, of course.
Rhonda, I don't have an Andrea USB sound card.  Do you think I can hook it directly into my computer w/o the Andrea?
I'm sure you could.  I know other reporters have mentioned over on Depoman that they do this, also, and I don't know that they are using the USB sound card.
I bought this gently used recorder only (Marantz PMD620) on eBay for $275.  I think you can buy them new from other sites other than Martel for under $400.  I love mine, too, although I'm still playing around with it.  I need to try the setup you have, Rhonda.  I just use it as a backup to my audiosync right now.


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