Which would you rather have?  Can't have both.  The writer is $5,095.  With the $700 discount, it is $4,395 plus tax.


How much did you pay for your Diamante?  What kind of deal did you get, if any?  Are there any remaining issues/problems with the writer?


There is NO RETURN POLICY -- which makes me totally leery for such a $$$$ investment.


I'm trying to decide whether I want a new writer, not that I need one.



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I put it on my credit card and it was $5,640 or something close to that.  When I want something, I want it now and I didn't want to wait for a deal.  It was worth it.  Great, great writer.

Kelli, I totally understand the need for instant gratification, but I'm more so that way with shoes, clothes and handbags!  I never wait for sales.  :)


Glad you finally found a writer you like, and good to know it's the Diamante . . . as much as I hate Stenograph.


I got my FlashWriter shimmed and love it now, except that the number bar is higher than the rest of the keyboard, and I've noticed that my numbers mess up more often now, so I have to make a conscious effort to hit the number bar really hard to get the numbers to come out right.  That's actually kind of a pain, and so that's what actually got me considering a new machine.  I could live with the Flash as it is, but . . .

Quyen, how come you can't have your numbers shimmed too?
You know, I thought about that, but when I looked at my machine, I didn't see how that could be done for the number bar.  From what I can see, how he shimmed my machine (and to make it quieter, I think) was, he put a strip of felt on the top of my key bars or whatever under the screen.  I guess that's why he's the professional, and I'm not.  I guess I should just call him on Monday and ask him if the number bar could be shimmed too.

Easy question to ask and will save you a ton of $$$, especially since you seem pretty happy with the writer you are using.  Had I been happy with my Mira or my Passport, I would never have switched to the Diamante. 


It's just we spend soooo many hours typing on these machines, you just have to be one with the writer.  Makes life so much easier.

Hi, Quyen.  I just purchased my second Diamante.  I simply love the machine.  I've never experienced any problems with my machine, and writing on it has been a dream from the first time I touched it.  I believe I got a convention discount on the first machine, but the second machine, I had nothing to trade in or anything, so I paid full price ... GLADLY.  Because I know the Diamante is "for me," I had no hesitation.  Suggest you get to a convention and try the Diamante again.  I do not understand why loaners are not available for a short period of time to reporters who wish to purchase a Diamante.  I say, "A Trial Makes A Customer," but then that's just me.  If you're leery about sinking a lot of bucks into a new writer, don't jump the gun and go with the Diamante then.  Do some due diligence (as you are), try out other reporters' writers over the next few months and get the tax writeoff ... er, I mean, the new equipment upgrade before the end of the year.



MA, just curious why you got a second Diamante.  I mean, you really like the machine THAT much?! :)  Kidding.  Did one break or something?  Or did you get a second as a backup?


The sales guy offered to set up a demo for me with Terri Wilson, so I might do that if I decide to get it.  Maybe I could convince her to let me take it on a job for ONE day.  I did write on it on another reporter's machine for literally just a few seconds, but I remember my reaction was: "OMG, I love the touch!  I want one!"


The $700 is the "pre-convention discount."

Quyen, do you know, is the discount for everyone? I don't see it on their site.
A sales rep called me.  He said it was a preconvention discount, so I assume the same discount will be offered at the convention.  I asked about the 0% financing and the discount, and he said they could offer one or the other.  Why?  You want one?  I could call him back and ask for a twofer.  :D
I do want one. :D I'll check with the rep for my area. Thanks!

Hey, wait.  I am serious about the twofer.  If we could get a group of several reporters together for a purchase, maybe we could talk them into a bigger discount.


So do you want the $700 discount or 0% financing?

Hey, Quyen, I love my local sales rep and I'd want her to get the business on a large order.  Other sales reps would like to have the business and the commission.  Trading huge discounts for a large volume order?  Hmmm ... sounds vaguely familiar and somewhat disturbing ... interesting.




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