Do You Think Machines Will Ever Read Our Lips? HAL, you listening?

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  I don't know if they will be able to, but I certainly can.  Years ago in court I read a gentleman's lips after asking him to move that straw-shaped apparatus from his mouth and repeated what he said to court and counsel after I reported what he said.  Of course, each time I asked him if my reporting was correct and he nodded Yes.

We are all capable.

Very cool! I have always wanted to learn lip reading and sign language myself. I wonder if any CSRs ever had to record a depo given in sign language (with an "interpreter" of course!)?

Yes, I have when I was new. Hated it. It is similar to working with a language interpreter.

Seems to me that sometimes you would get a bit confused by all the activity, hands and voices.  I salute you, Janiece, for even attempting such a juggling act! :) 


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