Does anyone know how to (if possible) retrieve files accidentally erased from DropBox?

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The files should be in your recycle bin . . . unless you emptied your recycle bin too. Go to the recycle bin and restore. I just tested it, and it worked.

Thank you so much, Quyen!  I'll let you know

If not, you can go to the DB website and look at deleted files.

I use it daily and have no qualms whatsoever about it.  It's just as secure as anything else out there.  Infallible?  Definitely not.  More secure than a messenger pigeon?  Absolutely.  LOL

I pay $100 a year to DropBox and I upload all my transcripts after they are done and turned in.  I use it as my archive service.  Who could possible steal them?  You would have to have my software in order to read the transcript because it's in Eclipse format.  Also, DropBox claims that the cloud is secure. 

My husband, as a realtor, has his entire system as a realtor on DropBox.  Everything he does is backed up there and he is very comfortable with it. 

I don't usually use DropBox for sending jobs to scopists unless it's a daily or something, but I like to store my transcripts there because it is just so easy.


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