This answer was kind of vague and ambiguous.  Wasn't sure I heard right.

A Probably me. I worked with MoFo to come up with that.

So I asked for a repeat.   I then got the explanation.

THE WITNESS:  Morrison Foerster to come up with the doc.  

......There is a law firm named Morrison Foerster, which goes by MoFo and even uses the domain name  Has a certain ring to it; right?

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Yes, that is pretty hilarious. They must have good senses of humor over there!

Funny -- I've been to their downtown LA office years ago --- pretty stuffed-shirt types to me!

lol, hard to believe!


I've worked with MoFo lawyers before.  :)  


I too have worked w/ "MoFo" attorneys. :-)

I've been to MoFo in Palo Alto.  High-class law firm.   They represented the American Taliban guy pro bono.  I believe the guy is still in jail.

Bahahahahaha!  Priceless :=)

They have used that name for years and year.  I love it.  Shows they have a sense of humor I think.  I go to their Palo Alto office all the time.  Always very pleasant to work with.

Oh, they have a Palo Alto office?  I'm sure I'll be there before long.  Guess I'll try not to say, "What's up mofos?"

Good one, Keith!!!

Their emails even end with

That's a hoot - the ones I've worked have been pretty nice

I agree, Mary.  They are great to work with, very nice people.


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