Hi there.  I have a new reporter that has Case CAT, same as me, but she uses Express Scribe for her audio.  Is there any way to export/import that to Case CAT so it'll be insync with my job?  Am I making sense?  If I use Express Scribe as a wave file it's not insync with my job.  I can't do it this way, it takes me way too long.  Let me know if anyone out there can help me.  Thank you so much.


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You're supposed to be able to do it if you have CaseCAT 11 with EZ Sync.  I have never done it, but as long as both have time stamps, there's a feature called "associate audio" and EZ Sync should allow you to synchronize a .wav file that's saved on your computer and use all the CaseCAT functions to listen to a portion of the testimony.  If you want to do this, it's important that all your equipment has the correct time on it ... recorder, computer, writer.


     I've never had much luck with the few times I tried this.  If you have a support contract, it would probably be easiest to call them and have them walk you through it before you go on a job to make sure you are set up correctly.  :)

I do not believe wav files can be sync'd  with CaseC without timestamps.    I assume the reporter is getting the audio from the videographer.       If she is recording from her laptop they should be sync'd to the transcript.


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