Any suggestions out there for an external monitor for editing at home?

There are so many to choose from.  23"? 24"?  27"?  Brand?


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I use a desktop at home.  I'm in my fourth year of using this monitor and it's terrific for me size-wise.  I have not a giant amount of space and it fits perfectly.  Bought it at Costco:

ViewSonic VA2231W-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen LED 

I could fit 23" but that's it.  Don't see what benefit I would get from larger than what I have.

Looking for one to connect to my laptop when I am at home. 

I presume that any monitor connects to a laptop.

Yes, any monitor will work.  Just wondered if there was any particular size and/or model reporters out there liked for editing purposes.  There are so many to choose from.  

I know what you are looking for.  That's why I gave my reply!

I'm using a 24" Samsung.  Don't be fooled.  The number of inches they advertise is diagonal, from lower left to upper right.  My 24" actually has a 21-inch wide viewing area across the screen horizontally.  Samsung makes a good product. 

I could never go back to having one image.  My main squeeze is a Lenovo laptop.  Connected to it is my Samsung.  I'm able to get three images to look at, two on the wide screen and one on the laptop.  That means I have my Eclipse doc and my word list side by side on the wide screen, and something else going on the laptop monitor (maybe exhibits or my e-mail screen).  The images can be repositioned so that the two most needed are on the wide screen.  If I'm on a daily and need to be in touch with others on the team, I'll have a Yahoo chat going, which is superimposed on the wide-screen.  The ability to have multiple images is a function of the operating system; in my case, Windows 7 Pro.

Of course, you could have your entire screen display just one image.

What is your model number?  I was looking at the Samsung monitors.  I, too, use my Lenovo as my main computer running Windows 7 Pro.  Love it.  I usually have a second laptop running next to it, and sometimes a third. With a large monitor I will be able to reduce the laptops on the desk. Thank you for the info and response.  

It's SyncMaster S24B750.  It's several years old, black frame.  I love my Lenovo.  It's more reliable than any computer I've had so far.  It's the T510 and also several years old.  It's only 32-bit, though.  I have a later model as backup, a 64-bit with an SSD drive.  I'm reluctant to switch because the T510 keeps chirping along without complaint.

Joyce, where did you purchase your Lenovo from?

eVerbatim, Janiece.  It was not cheap, but I try to stick with business class computers.  I'm really impressed with Lenovo Think Pads.  They're work horses.  Windows 7 Pro is very stable.  Even at 32-bits, it does a good job of running the programs I've got going in the background while I'm scoping.  If I had more time I'd switch over to the 64-bits/SSD drive.  Time is something I don't have right now.

Hi - I have two LG Flatron 20" monitors hooked up to a docking station that holds my Fujitsu laptop (which stays closed when I'm at home). It's essentially one desktop split over two screens, which you can set up via the control panel in Windows. Both screens are held up by a double-armed monitor holder I found at a good price on Newegg. I got the idea from editing stations in TV/film/music, but you can see the same setup in data entry situations. 

I love the two slightly smaller screens because I can have something set up on one (proofer's corrections, exhibit scans, research) and still edit and work on my Eclipse file. I don't have to switch the windows back and forth like I used to. It's even easier to fill out a worksheet.


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