Hi, I just got the student version of CaseCatalyst and sometimes my commas and periods are a space after a word or I have double spaces in between words rather than single. It happened with my DigitalCAT software also so I am guessing it is in my dictionary. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of a CaseCatalyst forum where I could endlessly bug people that would be great.

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Thanks Rich,
I'll try that. I did go in and check my dictionary and it was defined as only the period or comma but maybe I am not seeing an entry. I am brand new to CaseCAT.
On case look up the entry by pressing T on the keyboard while in your custom keyboard map. If you don't have one, you can definitely just press control T while highlighting it. See if there are any invisible spaces in your entry. If there are you should delete it. See if that helps. Good luck to you.
Thanks Ryan,
I'll give that a try.
Hi Ryan,
When I highlight the comma entry and hit control T in either keyboard it brings up the translate box. Am I doing something wrong?
No, you're doing everything right. Go ahead and see if it's a D-define, in which if you pressed Ctrl T, it should be, and notice if there's any invisible spaces in the translation box. Good luck to you.
Hi Ryan,
I highlight it and get the Translate box that has load settings, steno source, jobs, options, save translations options, etc. The one to translate and edit. But if I highlight it and right click and go to view dictionary entry, then query realtime translation I get a lookup box. Is that where you are talking about? No invisible spaces in there. But can you see what I sent to Rich regarding this. My dictionary is full of a space behind the entry and then what looks like a cursor. How they all got in there I don't know. I guess just start taking them all out? Little by little.
Actually I may be mistaken. Try pressing ctrl-D for inputing or bringing up a dictionary entry. See if there are any spaces there in the window. I apologize, but maybe that'll help you out more. If there is an extra space after a certain word in which it leaves two spaces, I think the D-Define entry could be wrong. In that same window, you can go ahead in redefine it.
Hi Ryan,
I think 100s of my entries might have an extra space behind them in my dictionary. How? I do not know. I will just start removing all of them. I am pretty much a baby when it comes to software. I had DigitalCAT up until about a week ago and I bought a Diamante and the student version of CaseCAT. Besides this space issue my machine is not communicating with the computer. Hopefully that will be resolved tommorrow. Yes, control D is the key. When I do that there are no spaces in the window for the comma. I think it lies with all the words with the space behind them. AAhhhh. Thank you. : )
Hi Rich, My punctuation hadn't been defined as that but I might be getting closer to solving the mystery. When I go into my personal dictionary I noticed that several words in the left hand column show the word say FUNNY and then there is a space inbetween the word and the cursor symbol. Does that make sense? And when I stroke that word the word comes up with a space inbetween it and the comma. I went in and deleted the entry and the space goes away in the dictionary but not on the screen when I try writing it with the comma again. Hmmmm? Any thoughts on that?


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