I write this thread in hopes that others may chime in.

Since I have discovered CSRnation, it has become a part of my daily life. Each morning, as I'm sipping my coffee, I enjoy reading the posts and blogs. I have formed work relationships and online friendships here since I have joined.

In recent times, the forum is going through some changes. Though I realize there are some things that are beyond my control as far as the health of this forum, I have become increasingly concerned about this forum's future.

I don't want to lose CSRnation. I have seen forum features removed in recent times, such as the template backgrounds I customized on My Page, as just one example of what is disconcerting to me.

I want to know what we as forum members can do to help maintain the survival of CSRnation. Aside from donating funds to keep this forum alive and well, which I personally have already done twice, I do wonder what else I as a member can do.

I l ike it here, dag nab it. I want this place to grow and be here for me. Any thoughts?

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I'm sure this is not an easy transition for you. Sounds like a lot of stress and money. I appreciate all you're doing. All of our questions are probably adding to the stress. Personally, I couldn't do it. I'll just have good thoughts for you. I hope it all works out how you want it to, and for the all of us too!
Kelli, are you going to add an employment section, where firms can advertise for court reporters?
I guess I need more clarification on your question.

Agencies can get their jobs covered within minutes on this website with the "Cover Depo" groups. Email blast goes out to hundreds of reporters all at once. Jobs literally are getting covered within minutes.

That seems to be a pretty good employment section to me. If I am missing something, which would not be the first time, please explain further. Thanks.
For what it's worth, Mary Jo, I agree that I would pay a membership fee to belong to a premium subscription side of CSRnation. I think everyone wants and expects the best "things" on the Internet to be free ... except for our transcripts, right? I think CSRnation is a super site, and again, I'd subscribe. In fact, I'd subscribe the both of us! Hope things pick up for you ... and I know they will.

("Pick up." Ha - double meaning. Good luck both ways!)


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