Has anyone used generic or off brand power adapters for your laptop?  I have always kept and extra adapter for my laptops in case the old one goes bad.  I have not gotten one yet for my newest Samsung laptop and wondered if anyone has experience with this.

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I have had a universal charger I bought at Best Buy that has worked on a couple of computers just fine.  I have also bought chargers online that were "supposed" to be for my computer, and they were utter crap.  

How is that computer working for you, Kerry?

by the way I got a Samsung, too, similar to the model recommended in the prior posts.  I bought it on ebay for 450 bucks/ Windows 7.    I don't need the Andrea sound card anymore.  It's pretty good with my Martel but I just got a new mic that somebody was raving about, so I will let you know if it works even better.

I'm always interested in new mics. 

I love the Samsung!

Hey, Kerry,

I love mine too.  Glad you are happy with it.


I have tried generic brands that heated up.  Now I just order OEM (original equipment manufacturer) power adapters from eBay.  I just make sure I order from someone who has a good rating, and they have all been good so far.  One caveat, though.  The other day I was ordering one for my husband and had put in OEM with his laptop model.  I didn't read the language closely enough, and the seller had written "OEM compatible," which basically means generic, so I feel that was somewhat duplicitous to include OEM in his description language.    I'm returning it


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