Today I provided realtime.  It went pretty well.  The attorney told me I did a great job on the realtime at the end.  My feet did not touch the ground walking to the car.  That makes it all worth it when that happens.  :-)

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Kudos to you!

Thanks, Martha.  It sure felt good.

Good for you, Janiece!!

That happened to me yesterday too.  The attorney said, "Your realtime was amazing.  I actually think it's the best I've ever seen."  I told her she made my whole week.  

Most attorneys just "expect" a great RT output and never think to give you the recognition you deserve for your efforts.  It's nice when it actually does happen.

I wish it were possible to put a computer chip in the brains of attorneys so they would appreciate how hard you reporters work to hone your skills.  Every time I hear an attorney tell a witness the reporter is typing, I grind my teeth.

Yep, pats on the back for all of us keep us slogging through the bad days.

Love hearing this, Janiece!

Congratulations, Janiece!

Thanks, Chuck!!!

That's great when that happens.  Thanks for letting us share the moment.

Well, I am plugging along with my CAT skills.  I had to cheat last week and use Dragon (which I don't regret).

I am in awe of you with those realtime skills - and I know it took you incredible effort and talent to get them.   You all deserve more recognition than you get.

You will get there, Mary Jo.  You are on your way!!!

Good girl!

Thanks, Mary Ann.  I'm not at your level yet but that is where I'm aiming to get to.  :-)


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