If you have a question about an agency, post the agency name here along with your e-mail address, and someone who's familiar with the agency will e-mail you back. Please do not post any negative comments.

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Denise, I've never worked for Hutchings or Norman Schall. Sorry. But I did want to recommend asking reporters that you know or you run into which agencies they like working with. And know that just because a reporter recommends them doesn't mean you're going to love them or mesh with them as well as they do. It's about finding the right fit. So I recommend trying different agencies out, see who you like, who you enjoy working with. They're all different.
So True. Thanks for responding.
I worked for Norm Schall almost 20 years ago. Glad to see they are still around. My recollection is everything went well working for them.

But I would suggest you contact many agencies, and even ones out of the area; make yourself available. Also, make sure you are listed in the reporter's source book. Can't remember who publishes that. It's the Court Reporter's Source Book, I think.

D&B Deposition Reporters in Sacramento, CA?
To follow up Re: Jane Rose Reporting, they cap copy sales. To answer Judy's question, the example of 20 ordering parties, they cap it at 5 copies they'll pay you for, or whatever the number is. I just went through my e-mails to try to find the rate sheet they sent me. They never mentioned the cap when I spoke to them and agreed to take a job. They then sent me an agreement with the rate cap in it, and I told them I'm not interested in taking any work for them.
True....I really want to take work with them becuase it seems they have great work, but I'm not lowering my rates for every extra rough draft you provide or copy sale. That's not fair so I haven't accepted work from them yet. I don't know if they would budge, but I think lowering rates like that is ruining the industry. And probably the attorneys are getting the full rate, but the reporter is not. :(
DCR Litigation. They're out of CA, but are nation-wide. My email is thatfantasticfcrr@gmail.com. Thanks!!!

Check your e-mail in five minutes.

Network Deposition Services, out of LA. Please email me at thatfantasticfcrr@gmail.com. Thanks!
A. William Roberts, Jr. & Associates, Please let me know what you can about this firm. My email is aroquespips@hotmail.com. Thank, Amanda
Anyone heard of/worked with hinesreporters.com? email is at alisa.smith@alisa-rpr.com
Anyone know anything about Kusar Court Reporters? I've been in contact with them after offering to help them out on a job through CSRnation Cover Jobs. Haven't taken a job yet. Would like to get the skinny.

Please e-mail me at justa_bill@msn.com



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