If you have a question about an agency, post the agency name here along with your e-mail address, and someone who's familiar with the agency will e-mail you back. Please do not post any negative comments.

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Does anyone have experiences they can share with HG Litigation in Dallas, Texas?  If so, please respond to Debra@CodigaReporting.com.

Thank you!

Debra Codiga

Anyone heard of Elliott Reporting in Colorado?


Anyone know anything about StoryCloud?



They are a digital recording company.

They do video by sticking a giant microphone on the table and using a tablet, I think.  Now they've moved to doing digital recording of depos.

Hi.  I'm wondering if anyone's heard of Lexitas??  Thanks in advance.

I have worked for them.  They pay just fine and by direct deposit.

Lexitas is one of the best agencies out there.

Has anyone here worked with Steno.com?

Yes, great to work with.

Is there a search feature for this board?  I'd love to just be able to search firms that I'm sure people have talked about?

There is a search bar at the top right-hand side of the page next to where you sign in (at least on a laptop). 


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