I just took a job for Discovery Litigation.  Anyone else work for them?  Any info would be appreciated.  Do we no longer have the Good Pay/Bad Pay group?  I tried looking for it and couldn't find it.  Thanks.

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This could be Alexander Gallo's new firm.  If so, be very proactive in terms of payment.

That is Gallo's new company, I believe.

And let me add: ugh.

That explains why she said her rates were the same as Esquire's when I ask her for them.  It all makes sense now. 

Hi, can you please e-mail me about your experience with Discovery? I'd really appreciate it. rpiderit13704@gmail.com

Cynthia -

There is a group here where we talk about agencies.  It's called "Have You Ever Heard Of....."  Please join that group and ask your questions and please, please, please leave your email address so reporters can contact your directly if they have something negative to say about an agency.  I'm trying to keep those inquiries in that group.

It is Gallo's new company - and ugh is right....

I haven't heard any complaints -- yet -- but if is past is any indication, I hope you get paid

I haven't had any issues with Esquire or with Discovery Lit.  I have worked for Esquire since 2007 as overflow and never had a problem with payment.  I am sorry to hear some have.  That stinks.  I am full-time with Esquire now and love it.  I also have done some overflow for Discovery Lit this year, 2013, and have gotten paid on everything.  The team here in Orlando is wonderful. 

Since you work for Esquire, do you know if they are still charging the copy attorney a higher price for their copy than normal CR agencies do?


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